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Sat, Feb 22, 2014 12:48 AM

Cisco ISB7005 will not power on.

We recieved a wireless reciever when we had uverse installed last year and never used it. Naturally, now that I want to use it the reciever will not power on. All of the front lights are on (including the red recording light) but the power light is not. Holding the power button down does not reset the unit and the factory reset I read about in this forum also does nothing. Is there any hope of this working this weekend or do I just need a new unit?


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6 years ago

You are using the 20w power supply that came with unit?
The unit was initially set up and registered to your account?
The unit has not been active since install?

All lights on, with right power supply (20watts not 30watts for standard receivers), FR using power, ok, down buttons.
If factory reset (FR) does not resolve then the box will need to be replaced.

If box was registered your ok for swap, if box was not registered, then adding a box will increase your bill by $8 a month.
Best to check past bills for charges to see if paying for a box not using, then ok. If have not been charged then box never registered or removed from your account.

Call, chat maybe able to get service call for his weekend, PMing or request for shipment would not see response till next week.
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6 years ago

We just ran into this issue and after it got to  this state, it was pretty much stuck until we turned it off for 30 min to let the unit cool down and then it started working again.


we didn't take our chances and we just replaced the unit.


the only thing that was a bit of a bummer is the settings (favorites, hidden channels, etc) are not saved in the cloud or at the very least, transferable by USB stick - I mean this is Cisco!  so we were a bit disappointed and got over it.


beeen impressed with IPTV over WiFi overall.   waaaay better than our expectations!


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