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Sun, Oct 16, 2011 4:40 AM

Cisco IPN4320 from Coax to Ethernet ?



    My wife is ready to move furniture again and naturally she wants the HD tv moved to a wall with no cable jack. I have recently, however, ran two Cat5e Ethernet lines from the RG to wall jacks and one of those is in fact on the wall in question. So, provided I have given enough information, can I disconnect the cable coax, move the tv and then connect the IPN4320 to the Ethernet wall jack which runs back to the RG (minus any cable coax connection) without loss or degradation of tv services? I have the manual for the Cisco, but it's a bit confusing and I see that some use the ethernet port on the back of the Cisco as an internet access point (similar to a switch or hub), so I guess I'm wondering if that port will change direction without the cable coax attached? Make sense?






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9 years ago

Yes, you can connect the STB to the RG cat5 as you describe. Some would say you would improve the quality of the connection.

It is interesting that the Cisco doc says you can use the ethernet port for network access (when the coax is connected). Many (me too) use the port in this manner. I believe, the official u-verse stance is that this use is not supported.

In any case, the port automatically works as input or output depending on which way it is connected.



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9 years ago

I plug my Roku into that port and it works great, supported or not.

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