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Tue, Nov 22, 2016 7:41 PM

Att U-verse wireless loss of signal

I just installed a netgear nighthawk router and now my wireless receivers lose signal after 10-15 seconds of channel watching. I switch channels, watch for 10-15 seconds and then the loss of signal comes up. I have reset gateway and router multiple times and it continues to happen. Hard wired tv/receiver works fine and Internet works fine.


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3 years ago

You do have the Uverse WAP directly plugged into one of the four yellow ports of the Uverse gateway, not into the netgear router correct?


First 10-15 seconds after joining a channel is unicast, after that time frame becomes multicast. Thus you are losing the multicast signal, only happening on wireless receivers as state hardwired is OK, suspect you have the WAP plugged into a device that does not support multicast function. Therefore always have the Uverse WAP direct wired to gateway.


If you need additional ports for gateway may need to purchase a switch such as GS105 or GS108.

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2 years ago

I am having the same issue and wanted to be sure I understand the solution.  I cannot have the U Verse WAP plugged into my other router upstairs even though that router is plugged into the data outlet that is fed from downstairs and is plugged into the Uverse Gateway.


The  U Verse WAP can ONLY be plugged directly into the Uverse Gateway??


If I do understand this correctly, UVerse customer service on the phone must be trained to know and understand this.  Additionally, the installers should know this as well as they are the ones that suggested I set it up this was since I have a 2 story house.



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