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Sun, Jan 31, 2016 12:37 PM

am i able to watch uverse on my computer monitor?

I am trying to hook up my Uverse receiver through my computer monitor (Acer S275HL) via HDMI, however I am only able to recieve picture (excellent picture quality though) but zero sound.  I have already found and installed the most up to date drivers for this monitor, but am out of any other ideas. 


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5 years ago

@aaron_iturralde - Your monitor must have HDCP capability. If it does not you will not get a picture.


But, it must not have speakers/amplifier. Most monitors do not. You have two audio choices -


1) Is there an analog stereo output jack to feed amplified speakers on the monitor? Connect amplified speakers there, as you would any computer.


2)Connect amplified speakers to the red/white audio jacks on the STB. You probably need  a converter from two RCA jacks to a mini-plug.

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