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Mon, Sep 17, 2018 4:28 PM

Why does AT&T not fulfill their salesperson's promise to a new customer on Visa Gift Cards?

I just recently moved to a new apartment August 1, 2018.  I shared an apartment with a friend for the prior year and she had her own AT&T service in her name, so I was not an AT&T customer for a year.  I have been a past customer and my account was in good standing when my service came to an end for the move.  A friend of mine's son is a subcontractor for AT&T Uverse.  She had him call me and he got me signed up for AT&T UVerse TV and Internet.  He told me I'd be receiving a $200.00 Visa Gift Card.  I said great, I could use the extra $$ for moving expenses.  Well, I get a letter stating I'll be getting a $100.00 Visa Gift card.  I tried contacting somebody at AT&T to question this and all I get is a recording that connects me to the Reward Center.  I can't speak to a live person about this.  I've tried the chat and was told instead of a $200.00 Gift card, they are doing two $100.00 because the second one has to be entered manually.  Okay fine, it all equals $200.00.  I get told I'll be eligibe for the second reward card sometime after September 6th or something like that.  That date comes and goes and no letter about a second $100.00 Gift Card.  So I contact chat person again on AT&T website.  After explaining what has happened, I get told by chat person that they will have their manager call me.  Manager never calls me.  About a week later, I try again, this time chat person has manager call me.  Manager is probably another employee out of Philippines call center, but he assures me he is taking care of it and is sending me out another $100.00 gift card.  I ask him will be getting a mailing with the reward information before I receive the card.  He says no, I will be getting the card directly.  Well needless to say, I haven't gotten that card in the mail either.  I'm really aggravated with AT&T.  I don't blame my friend's son because I don't believe he would have promised me something that he had no authority to promise.  I blame AT&T for dropping the ball or refusing to fulfill a promised reward card.  If this is how AT&T wants to get new customers, fine, but to keep these new customers??  I'll be ending my service with them as soon as my contract is over.  


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2 years ago

Hi @LMorantine,

 We apologize for the confusion and inconvenience. In regards to the promised reward cards, you will have to contact the rewards center. Please let us know if we can offer any further assistance. 

Dee, AT&T Community Specialist

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2 years ago

I too had similar problems with the so-called Promotional VISA reward used to entice me to sign up as a new customer with AT&T (internet) and DirecTV, as a bundled service. 


While I've received plenty of other mail (UPSS) and emails from each service, I never received a physical letter advising me of the terms or deadline to submit the request for VISA promotional offer.  I was a new customer.  I assumed there was a waiting period to ensure my account remained in good standing for at least a month or more.  I finally took time to call and jump through the multiple hoops, call centers, and departments to be told "I'm sorry but the period for your Visa promotion has expired."


No emails for sure, I save all their emails, how can I prove they never sent or I never received a physical letter.  I have other letters from both companies, but nothing about the promotional offer.  


I literally spend in excess of 30:00 on the phone speaking with multiple people.  Finally someone in the AT&T loyalty center said they understood my frustration and offered me a $100 credit on my account to alleviate my threats to break contract and goto the competing service provider in my area.  Well it's been over a month and no credit appear, they automatically withdrew the same amount from my bank account as they have the past several months. 


I work full-time, I shouldn't have to spend hours of my time with repeated phone calls, being transferred to multiple parties and get lousy results.  Fortunately the competitor in my are offers a program to buy-out my contract from AT&T/DirecTV to get my business, so I'm seriously looking into this now.  


I don't like complaining, but I demand honesty, fair business and good customer service.  I feel cheated by AT&T/DirecTV on at least 2 of 3 of these expectations.  No wonder cable & satellite are exponentially losing their market share of customers to alternate streaming services.  I would NEVER recommend AT&T/DirecTV to my friends or family!





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2 years ago

I too was promised a rewards card and after 2 months, I’ve never received one.  I called and the rep said that I should have received one but it was never posted to my account and I needed to talk to the rewards department.  The rewards department is the rudest that I have ever dealt with. They said that I was I don’t qualify.  Everyone tells me I have to go to the rewards department and I can never talk to anyone in that department with customer service skills or authority.  I am very disgusted and I not satisfied with DirectTV!

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