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Friday, April 25th, 2014 12:15 AM

when will uverse be available

There is an att equipment location at Old Spanish Trail and ***in Gautier, Mississippi.  According to Google maps the location address is *** and is about 1.1 miles from my house.  


I have had ATT 1.5 mbps DSL for about a year.  There are white pvc conduit ends with orange att fiber stickers on them sticking out of the ground on Old Spanish Trail at the end of my street and as far as the eye can see east and west of where my street intersects old spanish.  


This has been the case since we have lived at this location.  After multiple attempts to get some idea of faster internet availabilty, I am in the same position as I was a year ago.  I have no eta, no commitment, no improvement, no hope, or incentive about my att service.  


Cellular is too expensive,  not reliable in my area and the data caps are too restrictive.  Cable will not service our neighborhood.  Satellite is a possiblility but you either rent the equipment at 10 a month on top of the 50 a month for the service or you pay 300 up front to buy the gear and have it installed.  Their speeds are compelling but their capping structure makes me a bit nervous.  


We use our service for video streaming or should I say buffering buffering buffering buffering.  Anyway, at one point I was told by an att agent we'd have uverse in 90 days which was apparently not truthful.  i have been told that someone woulld call me back in 72 hours after doing some sort of line check or something.  has not happened yet.  Called back today and was told someone would call back in 72 hours again.  I doubt I will hear from anyone this time either.  Very frustrating and just wanted to ventilate here in case by some miracle it might make a differnce.  as I see it, if I'm stuck at 1.5 with no other real options, my service should be discounted at least as we are being forced to utilize an aging infrastructure with no possible upgrades available.  By the way, my inlaws live less than three miles alway in the same town and they have uverse internet.  Our previous location in the same town is less than three miles away and even though uverse was not available, we had 3.0 mbps dsl.  My sister lives about 5 miles away in the next town but in an area as rural if not more so than mine and she had uverse but canned it for cable and is very happy with her service.  Point being, it seems there are little holes in the infrastructure of our area where if you are caught in a crack regarding service providers you are just out of luck.  


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10 years ago

U-verse  is  that  slow  too..   I  have  u-verse   to  many  problems  with it..    Att  should  keep  DSL  until  they  get  all  the  bugs  out.

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10 years ago

Hello @jhowelljr081587 


Thank you for posting. U-verse is constantly expending its coverage, and it looks like you're in one of U-verse markets. However, there is no simple answer to a question "when" when you talk about availability in your neighborhood or at your address. You can sign up to be notified then it becomes available here.


Thank you,


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