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Thu, Nov 26, 2015 2:54 AM

u-verse internet installation

Decided to upgrade from the dsl to the u-verse so we can watch Netflicks on our smart tv. I was at work, so disabled hubby let the installer in and the installer asked where we wanted it installed. My husband told him in the den by the desktop pc...the installer did NOT want to put it there, so he talked hubby into putting it in one of our front bedrooms-on the other end of the house from our den/ I called tech support and asked how am I supposed to connect my pc to the modem? Matt, the tech, said I could either-have the installer come out and move it (and pay $150), run an ethernet wire from the modem to the pc, get a wireless adapter or cancel and return the modem...I believe they should come out and move it with no cost to me..but when I mentioned that to Matt, he said they couldn't do that nor would they provide the adaptor.

Does anyone think we can get them to rectify this or should we just cancel it and go with cable internet?

Thanx for all the advise!


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my thoughts



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5 years ago

Two sided question....

Responsible adult approved placement without spouse knowledge/consent.

Inconvience setup asking to have previously approved equipment location moved is normally a Dispatch On Demand $149.


Keeping equipment at original location replaced and asking for additional wiring run is normally a $99 service call. (Gateway to PC)


Purchase a wireless USB adapter ($30-$55 for most I am aware of) and install at PC if PC cannot support wireless.


Recommendation, call and request a service call for weak WiFi in home... May be notified of possible charges, that's OK, they are supposed to inform of these.


On techs arrival, explain issue and let tech decide best course of action, (for me, best WiFi in a residential home should have a centralized RG placement, not exterior wall  or far side of home which sounds like both current placement as well as your wanting to move to office PC) locate RG in central point and if needed also install Ethernet cable or plug links (normally billable and a DIY solution). The tech should inform you of any possible charges and have you sign a work ticket before proceeding. At this point can approve or disapprove charge.... Tech may also not charge but not guarantee as installation placement was approved by spouse.


BTW, this is not the first time this has happened, the reality if you want something done at particular way, should be there at time of install. A tech is supposed to survey the area and determine best location which does not always agree with customer desire. Warning.... If have RG moved to office for hardwire and rest of house wireless suffers then you should definitely be billed for any future steps to correct either by relocating RF, additional wiring, or purchase of additional equipment including WAP range extenders, plug links, etc.


Word of caution, expect holes will need to be drilled, hopefully have unfinished basement, also if no access to install inside wiring will result in a house wrap (Ethernet cabling attached to side of home to reach office, hole drilled into wall).


Final thought, the saving grace for you is a recent install (less than 30 days) likely to avoid charge.... If this was an older install (30+ days) this would definitely be a billable issue.


*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.



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3 years ago

When the service was installed they put it in my kitchen above the desk and said it was the only place they could put it.  We are having new cabinets installed and need the small box that comes from the outside moved only a few inches.  Don't see why this should be a $149 charge.  Please let me know what I can do.   Thank you

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