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Monday, April 10th, 2017 9:00 PM

Uverse excitement turned to disappointment. Any others?

My name is Amber and I've been an AT&T customer for a very long time. 
Have you ever been passed around from operator to operator so many times (with no answers, no results) that you begin to feel devalued as a person?
By the third or fourth time that a supervisor has hung up on me (sometimes after HOURS of trouble-shooting)... and then I'm stuck with two choices... 1) drop it, do nothing. hope the situation fixes itself....
 or 2) start over, with another CSR from another part of the world that has absolutely NO IDEA of who I just spent the last 2 hours speaking with or what about. Start the complaint and problem all over again.... This is the story I had to tell several times this weekend to MULTIPLE CSR with ZERO resolution,  but I'm getting ahead of myself. Please allow me to start at the beginning (again):

My name is Amber, I'm a long term AT&T customer and on March 30, I had just come home from work when an AT&T sales rep met me in my driveway. I was tired and didnt feel well. I had a family to tend to (single mom), so I kinda blew him off and asked if he could come back another time. Dammit if the persistent sweetheart wasn't back the very next afternoon intent on talking to me about new AT&T products and services available. His name, Vincent Farley returned on March 31, Vincent asked what I currently pay on my bill. I told him. He seemed personally offended and *gasp* didn't believe it! He asked to see a copy of my current bill, so I fetched him one as he did some crunching and up-selling and some sweet talking, he made a call or two - then Vincent proceeded to tell me that he could actually add uverse TV and decrease my current bill! He could even include premium channels and additional options - even a 300.00 Visa card!  He was awesome and I was convinced. He was kind and I was super excited about the sweet deal he presented! . 

Vincent got back on the phone, made sure all the services were set and available in my neighborhood, we scheduled the installation date. April 7th between 11am and 1pm. 

I was stoked! 


Billy the technician calls bright and early, lets me know he will be arriving a little early if it's ok. 10:40, technician Billy arrives. He begins setting up. He is under the house, he is moving our internet router box, brought in and set up tv boxes. Once everything is in place, Billy is in contact with whoever - they tell him 3 hours. We wait out the 3 hours. No uverse. Billy calls, chats, communicates.... Apparently there is an error. He talks to 6 different people about the error. Finally someone tells him I have a past due balance and THAT is the problem. GEEZUS! Really??!? That is why we have been waiting? I pay the past due balance on the spot, we talk to a supervisor who says she didn't see a block, but if there was one, it's definitely lifted. I have a zero balance. Billy starts going thru alllll the channels all over again. We are told to wait, they are lifting the error, they are fixing it, can we speak to a supervisor? Supervisor says it's being handled, just a few more moments, smart chat is telling Billy that it shouldn't be but a few more minutes. 
After waiting (yet another TWO hours) Billy is in touch with OFS or someone and is told that everything is fine and it shouldn't be a problem, but it is going to take 3-4 more hours. (by this time, it is 7:30 at night - he has been at my house since 11am). Billy informs his managers of the situation, he lets them know he won't be staying until midnight, but he will come out and finish in the morning.  EVERYONE HAS BEEN ASSURED AND REASSURED THAT THIS ISSUE WILL BE FIXED AND READY TO FINISH IN THE AM. 
(please know at this time I am still smiling, feeling hopeful, mistakes happen....)

8:30 AM APRIL 8
Billy the technician calls me in the am and tells me he is on his way! He assures me it should be fast - not to worry I shouldn't miss my work day, he hopes to be in and out. Billy comes in, starts doing his thing - already things are not set. He is contacting his managers. He is contacting a bunch of different acronyms I can't recall because there were SO many. I start calling to inquire whats up. My calls to AT&T started very pleasant. Inquiring why the hang up and asking if there were any other errors on my part or things I could do to escalate the process. I am forwarded to people who have absolutely no idea what is going on. I am told at one point I have to cancel the entire order and replace the order. I'm told that  there are no errors in the system so it must be the technicians fault / responsibility.  Billy (the technician) is told that it should be on and available within minutes, then reverts back to 3 hour wait, then reverts back to we see an error in the system and we have to address that first. 
Finally, at nearly 5pm, with no end in sight,  I sent Billy home. (Billy, by the way was a gem. He continued to handle my frustration, his own frustration, the frustration of the CSRs and OFCs and Smart Chatters. He kept his cool and continued to be apologetic and considerate, but after having him at our home for 2 full days with no results - it was wasting his time keeping him here. 

I had a tech in my living room for two entire days. I missed out on two entire days of work. I was kind of a prisoner in my home. Stuck here because he was here. TWO FULL DAYS with no conclusion. The end result? No fabulous tv service I've been promised, no visa gift card and altered bill.... I don't know if it's canceled or still in effect. NO ONE I spoke to could tell me if it was cancelled or still in effect. I have never seen more poor, pitiful communications as those I witnessed and experienced over the last two days with my COMMUNICATIONS company! I don't know what was worse - the way I was TREATED or the lack of communication amongst your employees and staff. It was PATHETIC. 

I am going to conclude this email now because I need to research internet and telephone providers in my area. 
I am not a complainer. I don't write emails or throw fits - but after being hung up on by three supervisors (who verified my contact information yet never called me back) my patience is waning. 
Anxiety, stress, frustration beyond what anyone should have over something so stupid as internet. So angry I want to cry. 
After missing two days of work, having a guy at my house for 18 hours, being treated horribly by several CSRs and having NOTHING to show for it.... I'm just exhausted.

I felt like I needed to share this unpleasant experience with you, I would hope you will try to make it right, or at the very least use it for learning experience and training purposes on what not to do in the future. As in : Don't make your nice customers want to scream , cry, cuss, throw things and leave the company because of crappy communication.   

I am so outta here.

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7 years ago

You need to shorten your post.  A lot of the people on this board will not read a novel.  I will try to help if you make a shorter version.  I do not have the time to read all of this

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7 years ago

Hello @AmberJanae

We saw your post and will be glad to help. Please send us a detailed message by clicking here. Be sure to include:


  • Name
  • Account number
  • Phone number and the best time to reach you


Once we have your account details be looking for an email to the email associated with your forum ID or a call at a provided contact number.

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