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Mon, Oct 19, 2020 6:38 PM

Service changed

No question here, only a comment.

Over a year ago I signed up for U-Verse TV service. I previously had only AT&T fiber internet and used OTA antennas to TV. I broke down and got the U-verse at my home. Then I moved.

I had service transferred (at least I thought so) to my new location. I brought with me all of the equipment that I had at my old location. The technician came out to connect service, but unfortunately for me, I had no TVs at my new location yet. He said that he would just verify that the equipment that I had at my previous address was set up correctly. Fast forward to a couple of months later when I actually got the opportunity to set up my TVs. For some unknown reason one of the two wireless STB would not work. Account did not match equipment. Long story short, they said that I was supposed to have only one DVR and one wireless STB, not two. I don't know what happened, but I suspect the technician screwed up something when doing the transfer of service. 

Now, I have to wait for them to send another wireless STB to my address. I will say this, though. The two months I waited to set up my two TVs was refreshing. I had not TV service and did not miss a thing. I had the internet and that was fine with me. Maybe I should ponder the necessity of TV service in the first place. 


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