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Wednesday, September 20th, 2023 10:54 PM


We have had ATT service for about 7-8 years. June 20th, 2020 we dropped the Direct TV service, returned the equipment etc and continued on with the phone and internet plan. ATT charged us the next month July 20, 2020 for the Direct TV that was cancelled. They apologized and issues us a credit on towards the other services we still had.

We have had many interactions in the last 3 years with ATT since: upgrading our phone, upgrading internet service, etc.

Now, moving forward to 2023. On Sept 12th, 2023 we called ATT to move our service to a new address since we have moved. We scheduled a date with a rep and moved on with business. 

Today September 20th, 2023 we called to see what the cost to upgrade our internet would be.

They then informed us that we have a $140 unsettled bill from Direct TV for non returned equipment and offered to take our payment on the phone to "settle the matter" and they would not change our service over until then.

We asked for any proof of a bill being sent for this as we had returned the equipment and it has been 3 years with ZERO mention of it. They said they could not provide it.

We went round and round with them for 2 hours, being transfered all over the place. They then let us know that this "bill" wastransferred  to their collection department. So we spoke with the collection department who ALSO COULD NOT FIND THE BILL. 

We went round and round again. How would they collect payment on a bill "they cannot find"!?!?

We spoke with managers, the collection department and everyone in between. Nobody could provide any bill or proof of this charge.

They just kept stating, that "they can see it on our account and they can not transfer the service until it is paid".

When we asked why they hadn't brought it up until this moment, they had no answer!

When we asked for a proof of the charge, they couldn't provide it!

When we asked why we had not been contacted by the "collection department" regarding this, they had no answer!

They just kept stating they wouldn't move our service until we settled this amount. Finally, ATT said that this bill had been sent to an outside collection agency!

When we asked again how they intended on collecting this payment when they were no longer the holders of the bill, they had no answer!!!!

We got in contact with the collection agency, who said THEY DID NOT HAVE A ITEMIZED BILL AND WOULD HAVE TO REQUEST IT FROM ATT. They said the process could take weeks, then it would take weeks to reflect in ATT's system. 


7 years at this company and this is how they treat people. We will no longer recommend ATT like we previously had been. Disgusted is not a strong enough word for how we currently feel.

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9 months ago

While you will have to deal with ATT which sold DirecTv summer 2021.

The dollar amount of $140, to me, is not for unreturned equipment but an Early Termination Fee (ETF).

DirecTv satellite service was a 2 year contract with $480 ETF, pro rated $20 for each month had service.

If cancel service with (7) months remaining (7*20) is $140.

While you may have had service for several years there are many things that could have placed you into a new contract such as calling to lower your bill, equipment (receiver) upgrade, etc.

Does any of this vaguely familiar?

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