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Rewards Cards



AT&T Rewards


Many qualifying U-verse customers often have the fantastic opportunity to take advantage of the AT&T Rewards offer. However, some of the common questions are "Where is it?" "When am I supposed to receive it?" "Once I get it, how do I activate it?" etc. Here at AT&T we want to ensure customer satisfaction to the highest extent, so we want to give clear step by step guidelines to set your expectations about the reward process!


Check your Mail


You will receive reward claim instructions within 4 weeks of installation/activation.

Claim letter front update.jpg

Claim letter back update.jpg



Note: Make sure you claim your reward by the claim by date printed on your letter.


Claim or check your reward status


To claim your Reward or check your Reward status, visit the AT&T Reward Center.

Simply enter in your 1) Claim Number printed on your reward notification letter or 2) Account Number and Zip Code

And, while you are at the Reward Center, click the top right link “Reward Process Overview” to learn all about the reward process!

Rewards 3.png


Once you are in the Reward Center, you will be presented with your eligible Rewards in the Available Rewards section. Select Claim it now to begin! If you have already claimed your reward, you will be presented the AT&T Reward TrackerSM to see the status of that Reward. If there is no information about your reward, you may want to choose the “Contact Us” button at the top to “chat online now” with the Reward Center for additional assistance.

Rewards 4-2.png




Below are some common questions and answers that are sourced from the Reward Center website.


How long will it take for me to receive my reward?

Once you have claimed your reward and met your 30-day service requirement, most customers receive their reward within 3 weeks. You can obtain a real-time status for your rewards at the AT&T Reward Center.


How long do I have to claim my reward?

Reward expiration dates are printed clearly on your notification letter, so please take note of the "Claim by Date" shown. The date is also available on the Reward Tracker for each reward(s). You will have a minimum of 30 days to claim your reward from the time you receive your Reward Notification letter.

Rewards 4-2.png

It’s been over four weeks since I ordered services, and I have not received any information on the reward I was offered during my purchase. What should I do?

First, you need to know that you will receive a Reward Notification letter in the mail within four weeks of service installation.
If it’s been greater than four weeks since you installed your qualifying service(s), try logging on to the Reward Center. All eligible rewards will be displayed on the Reward Center website.

If you are still unable to obtain information on your rewards, please contact the AT&T Reward Center by calling the number located on the Contact Us page or start a chat session! To help answer your questions as quickly as possible, please have your AT&T bill on hand with the following information:

  • Services ordered
  • Date services were ordered
  • Date services were installed


How can I activate my AT&T Visa® Reward Card?
You can activate your AT&T Visa® Reward Card at the Reward Center by clicking on Activate My Reward Card. You'll need your 16 digit card number and the last four digits or your Billing Account Number.


How can I check the balance of my AT&T Visa® Reward Card?
You can check the balance of your AT&T Visa® Reward Card at the Reward Center by clicking on Check My Reward Card Balance. You'll need your 16 digit card number and the last four digits of your Billing Account Number.


I am experiencing difficulty redeeming my reward online and some rewards do not appear, what should I do?

If you are having difficulty, please see the possible reasons below:

  • If you have qualified for more than one reward, they may be posted to the Reward Center at different times.
  • Rewards may not be claimed if the service has been canceled or if qualifying services were removed.
  • Some rewards may not be combined with other offers.

If any of these reasons do not apply to you please contact the AT&T Reward Center for assistance, click the Contact Us link for further assistance.


If you encounter any issues with your service or equipment, I recommend checking out our Troubleshoot & Resolve solutions to help diagnose the issue.

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Try This link.

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Learn more about how you can check your AT&T reward status.

Still need help? Ask a question! Our 1.4 million members typically respond within 1 hour.

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3 years ago

I signed up Oct 12 2016 combined my service with Att with a promotion plus 200 dollars gift card. Still today nothing I call and get the run around .any advice someone said to contact FTC and BBB



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3 years ago

When I signed up to get the Uverse tv I was told there was a 250 dollar reward. Well I only got a 100 reward. Has anyone else dealt with this before or had this happen to them?



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3 years ago

So upon many other things I was told. The reward card was one of them. Great incentive for signing up if you ask me, so I did. Almost a month later I got this letter. And i went to redeem it and it said I qualified for a $50 gift card. That's ridiculous . I want everything I was promised. Who else has had this issue.



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3 years ago

I have the email stating it was being mailed. I've made 3 phone calls in 6 months, first phone call I was told it was being resent and should arrive in 6-8 weeks. Never arrived, I called back, I took the reps info and even have a "incident number". She told me it was being expedited, 6 weeks later....I call and sit on hold for 45 minutes to be told "there's no notes of who you spoke to previously in the system, and your rewards claim has expired". So customer service is willing to lie over 100 gift card??? I guess my business isn't valued to your company.



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3 years ago

I started my service on 7/1/2017 and did the order on the phone while on the phone was told I would get a $200.00 visa gift card in the mail and it would take 4-6 weeks (I was told nothing else other then it would be mailed to me.) Around mid July I called to order HBO. For ordering HBO the was an advertised $100.00 gift card I asked at the time about my $200.00 card and was told that it was still being processed and I should expect it soon I was told nothing else! It is now 9/19/2017 and I started googling about the cards and have seen other people having the same problems. I found on the forums that you have to go to some other site that i was not told about and when I went to it it says  Reward "disqualified" after only 2 months and never being told about the site. This is shady!!! [Per Guidelines:  Keep it Relevant and Appropriate].

So my question is, where is my gift card I was promised!?