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Mon, Nov 2, 2015 5:52 PM

Reward Card Never Received

For more information about the reward process and receiving your reward card, visit the Reward Center Information Page.


After you activate/install your qualifying service, watch your mailbox. You will receive reward claim information within 4 weeks of installation/activation. Once notified, you’ll need to go to the Reward Center and claim your reward.



To Track Your Claim

To track the progress of your reward after you’ve made your claim, access the reward tracker by logging in to the Reward Center.


It will take about 3 weeks to receive your reward.



Over 30 Days Since You Ordered Service
If it’s been over 30 days since you ordered your service and you haven’t received any information about the reward you were offered during your purchase, don’t worry, the important date here is the installation/activation date (and not the order date). You should receive a reward notification letter within 30 days after your service was installed and activated.


If it’s been at least 30 days since your service was installed and activated, visit the Reward Center and enter your account number and zip code. All of your eligible rewards will be displayed there.


AT&T Customer Care

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9 months ago

Same thing happened to me. I was told I would get two $100 cards. First one arrived and I used it, but never saw the second, even after visiting the store multiple times and checking the reward center website, which is crude at best. 

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3 months ago

Wow, the same thing happened to me. I bundled my service in January and they told me since I switched cell phone providers that I would get a $250 credit. It is now May and I have spent 8+ hours on the phone with them since January. They said at first I had to wait 2 billing cycles. After the two billing cycles I still never received any credit. After calling several times, each time they accuse me that there was no promotion. Then they go through and check previous conversations I had and see there should have been a credit. Then they tell me it will be applied in 5+ days and to check back. This is pretty much what they say to me each time I call. This is unacceptable. Do not switch to AT&T. I'm going back to t-mobile. I never ever had to question my credits or bill with t-mobile or Verizon.

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a month ago

The most unhelpful customer service I've ever received. I was promised by ATT $275 in rewards for bundling my existing cell phones with Uverse and Internet. After missing my install date for 3 weeks because of ATT issue with my address (there was ATT here before me), I finally got it installed. I received $175 in reward cards but chatted in to find out where the last $100 was. I was told to wait, it may be activated after so much time. I waited, and was then told I waited too long. ATT is unwilling to do ANYTHING for me, even though I have the chat transcripts where I was told the amount, and was told to wait. I even went into the store, no one has been willing to help, and they won't let me out of my (Edited per community guidelines) contract that they had me sign under false pretenses. I hate ATT. I want to go through every avenue to voice my displeasure. It's beyond bad. 


Patrick L.


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Hi, the only way I solved my issue was to send an email to the CEO.  I was very nice and voiced my concern as when I called customer service they told me over and over to keep waiting a few more weeks.  After 5 months of not receiving my credit I contacted the CEO.  They called me the next day apologized and gave me my credit within a few days.  I would email the CEO.

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