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Sun, Apr 7, 2019 6:55 PM

Remote control accessibility

My cable box is in a cabinet and the remote doesn’t work when the cabinet door is closed. I don’t see a remote “eye” adaptor inlet on my cable box. Did I get the wrong box or do you have another solution?



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2 years ago

The remotes use infra-red sent to the sensor on the front of the dvr or receiver.  If you close the cabinet door the IR from the remote can't get through the door to the sensor on the dvr/receiver.  Even if the door is glass the glass may reflect too much or not be transparent enough to allow the IR that gets through to be strong enough for the sensor to detect.


So the problem here is not the dvr/receiver, it's your cabinet.  An att RF "point anywhere" remote or a remote IR extender (google them) my work or may not. 


Also since you are sticking the dvr or receiver in a cabinet make sure you have enough ventilation for it.

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