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Fri, Oct 23, 2015 4:13 PM

price of service

Can you tell me why uverse can give me 12 months basic internet and home phone for 47$ a month then jump to 76$ with no extra service?? Customer service was no help phone and chat, I was offered upgrades again at "promotional" prices. I dont need or want more service just the same basics at a reasonable price! When I asked to speak with managers I was put on hold 42 min before I gave up. I found this forum to see if I can get any help. Corperate email/phone seem to be a highley guarded secret.




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6 y ago

When my year of promotional new customer discounts was up, I placed a call into retentions.

They seem to be the only department that can offer many of the best discounts available to customers. (They are also the folks to call when you want to terminate your service. Kind of the last step on your journey out the door, and a chance to offer extra incentives to "retian"  your business, hence their name.)

A bit cynical, perhaps, but my thoughts was correct in saying, you can simply not do anything paying the full regualr rates, becoming a month to month customer, which means, you can terminate your service at any time without any penalties.

All the customer service reps are also incentivised to attempt upsales at least three times during a call. Annoying to us, but it is also part of their job, and if they refuse to do it, they put their jobs at risk. (And, to be fair, once ina while, they DO have good bargins to offer.)

If you call after normal business hours, the phones WILL get answered, but you will most likly get an overseas script reader who's first language is probably not english.

The chat option for talking text can get you service guys more experianced, BUT, they could typically have as many as 20 text windows open at one time, bouncing back and forth, and occasionally getting customer screens mixed up. (and likly as not, still following a script.)

To be fair, the NORMAL customer service reps follow scripts too, but with practice, they get better as skipping the irrelivant parts to your actual needs. (or not. they are human too.)

Pardon my rambling.. you just got me onto one of my hot topcis.

Good luck, hope your issues get resolved to your satisfaction.




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5 y ago

Call retentions dept. Argue with them. If necessary continue calling. They will eventually give you some sort of price discount.

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