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Tue, Jan 20, 2015 11:47 PM

possible to have service disconnected at old address and connected at new address on same day?

I have ATT Uverse for TV and Internet.  I am moving on  Saturday Feb 7th.  Is it possible to have my service moved from old address to new address on the same day (they are within the same Marketing Area or whatever ATT calls it, the homes are only 10 miles apart 60516 and 60504 zip codes).  When I go through the moving process on the ATT Uverse website it asks what day I want to have my service suspended at my old address, and what day I want to have my service started at my new address.  Can I put the same day in both fields (even if that day is a Saturday)?  If it is not possible to have the same date in both fields, do installs occur on Sundays or only Monday-Saturday.


Second question:  Can I take ALL of my equipment from my old address to my new address  Reason I ask is that I had a helluva time getting equipment that worked 100% back about a year ago, and I finally did get equipment that works great (RG, WAP [which was a nightmare], Wireless Receivers [also unreliable and I finally have reliable ones], DVR with most capacity, etc) and I do not want to go through that process of swapping equipment again.


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Haven't done the move with U-verse so just try to put the same day on the stop and start and if it accepts the order I would say your good to go!!  Let us know.




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Send a PM to @attu-versecare. Tell them your problem and they will reply back in a business day or three. I don't think they do installs on Sunday.



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I always see adds saying ways to move easy. Maybe one of these links holds the answer - Sorry, this does not seem to be working/ I did it twice First search Moving then move. I eventually did get support articles, not community posts. But the link I copy does not come back the same when I click on it.


try a search & see what you can get.

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