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Monday, October 9th, 2023 6:51 PM

Overcharged for 2 months, talked to service 3 times, fixed incorrectly each time... SO FRUSTRATING!!!!

So I changed my old uverse to direct tv on Aug 14, I was told it would be pro rated that month, So started up directv that same day.

But next bill it wasn't prorated, and I was charged the full amount, so start a chat, and he said yes he sees it was canceled and that it would be credited the next month and to just pay the bill..

Well I didnt pay the bill because it's not right to make me overpay.

So I wait for the the next bill, and NOTHING is changed... the att guy completely lied to me.

Not only was AUG not prorated, but I was charged another whole month for Sept for uverse which I canceled.

So call them and they said yes it was canceled, we will fix it and you will get an email within the next week.

So get an email and its says the current month of OCT has been prorated and I dont have to pay for uverse the rest of OCT... I am like WHAT IS GOING ON, like it cant be this hard... OCT should be charged anything, and I should be credit back Sept and Oct.

So call back third time, explain again, and she says yes you are right, will sent it to a manager...

So then the first time I get a real time credit.... But of course it's wrong.... Like can att employees do simple math and comprehension?

I was credited back only 267.21 but the total refund should be around this:

Total refund needed

Aug - 109.16 ( used 18 days of service)

Sept - 249.57 (full month charged

Late fee - 10


Total refund -  368.73

But I was only credited 267.21...

So this is my fourth time contacting att, Im hoping this can shed light on that there are huge problems with ATT service that needs to be fixed, plus hope someone with half a brain can help me.

The worst part is how much time I have used in all this... can I get my time back please, why do I have to waste all my time, because att workers cant do their job properly, it would have been so simple if it was just correctly canceled and prorated at the time I switched over to DirecTV.

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5 months ago

"Final bills aren’t prorated"

That's not what I was told by the operator. What did she lie?

Why would I transfer to directtv which is the same company and pay for a service that was shut off...and double pay for cable, I would have just switched at the end of the cycle.

"Ps you won’t be compensated for your time"

I am NOT asking to be compensated, did I ever say that, can you read? Or are you confused?

You think it's normal to have to contact help 3 times to get things right and they still arent right. 


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5 months ago

Yes it was sarcastic, do you understand sarcasm, really how can someone get their time back, its to make point of wasting my time because of people who cant do their job correctly.

NO NO and NO... I specifically asked if it was prorated, and she said yes, If I can get a transcript of the conversation you would see how specific I was... Plus if it wasn't prorated then I should have had the service till the end of the billing cycle, but it was shut off that same day!!!!!  

Plus I was switching over to another service owned by att, it wasn't like I was going to a competitor, they were using me to switch as well.

And you might be confused, internet and wireless doesnt prorate, but uverse does probably because they are phasing it out.

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5 months ago

Plus even if they stopped prorating it, the person helping me lied through their teeth... how can I make an informed decision on when to start the service when the employee lies about prorating. You said it doesn't matter what the customer service says, what on earth is that kind of thinking? What companies can just lie now without being held accountable?

Also one of the prorating docs online says I quote "But, you can still use your services until the last day of your bill period."

so its ok that I was lied to, plus not even given the service till the end of the cycle. plus on top of all that it wasn't properly canceled till 2 months later, and not corrected refunded after multiple service calls.

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5 months ago

Hello @jrobertblack, we understand the gravity of your situation. Due to the nature of your concern we'd like to move this conversation over a DM. Please Look out for a chat notification next to the bell icon in the upper right corner of the page.


Happy to assist!


Fiona Q - AT&T Community Specialist

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