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Saturday, December 26th, 2015 8:59 PM

Our Woes with AT&T

Dear Sir/Madam:

Reference: aT&T U-verse A/C No. : ***

We have been using Time warner internet and TV for around 7 years now. As such there were no issues. 

Recently, on the Thanksgiving day, nov , 2015, two sales people from AT&T came down to our door step and explained to us about an offer for $68 /month for the U-verse internet and Direct TV connection if we sign up for it the very same day. Please see attached Order Receipt for your kind Reference. They spent some time and did all the paper work (herewith scanned and attached) which shows the Power internet connection and the cost as 68$/month. They scheduled the installation for December 7th 2015.


The first AT&T  technician came down on 7th dec, 2015  he finally set up the router, but explained to us that we were allotted two bandwidths and only one bandwidth was green and the other was down, showing red. So he had raised a ticket for the same and said the next day by noon it would be up.


The next day,on 8th dec, one more technician came over and fixed the problem, both the bandwidth started working fine and we could login and setup our U-verse account.


But the same evening, by 5:00 pm we noticed again the bandwidth 2 was down, we were not able to download files from internet. We just waited till the next day morning and we called the first technician and told him about it. He took our u -verse account number and said he will try to help us.  


But even the next day, on Dec 10th  morning, it was still down, so we called the customer service ourselves and raised a ticket.  The very same day around 4:00 Pm another AT&T tehnician came in and fixed the problem and both the bandwidths were working fine after that.


For around 12 days we used aT&T uverse internet without any issues. But on 22nd dec morning, we noticed that both the bandwidth was down  and we waited for around 2 hours to see whether it will come up .. Then we called the customer service number to raise a ticket about the problem ,  but to our great surprise,  aT&T informed us that  our account was cancelled! We explained to them that we never called or wrote to  at&t to cancel services. We were forced to be on the phone call for more than 2 hours , it was transferred from one person to another and the same things and facts were explained and finally a representative said our account will be re-instated but the AT&T tech will be coming over only on 24th Dec, thursday. Nobody was able to explain why our account was cancelled and  we were forced to stay without internet for 22nd and 23rd of December. I was supposed to work from home was forced to rush to office to complete some of my important reports and my daughter supposed to complete here project work was not able to finish her work because of this internet issue. We never have faced this kind of issue with Time Warner earlier.


On Thursday, 24th Dec, one more technician, Mr Brandon came down and set up all the connections again and it is working fine far.


After all this,we received a mail confirmation stating our account and the billing details. To add to our woes, we now notice that the  billing terms are NOT the same as the one offered to us when we took up this on thanksgiving day!  The rates are raised and  again no one is willing to give us the rates  as per the promised special offer rate of 68$ by AT&T Sales rep.   We are now  being penalised for no fault of ours, our account has been billed for $________ where as we had taken it for 68$/month.


We have had such a bad experience with AT&T so far and this is not at all acceptable.


I am a loyal aT&T Wireless customer from past 7 years, My Account: ***. Hence We want this connection as per the promised offer rates.  I am herewith attaching the first email dated Tue 12/1/2015 7:48 PM received regarding AT&T ORDER CONFIRMATION and subsequently the last email dated Tue 12/22/2015 1:21 PM.


Request you to resolve this issue at the earliest. Thanks in advance for your consideration.


Kind Regards



[Edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, employee ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.]



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8 years ago

@Kumarg   The people you talked to in your home were not from ATT, but an outside contractor.  They will lie and tell you anything to get you to say yes.  Though those prices will not be offered from ATT and you will be upset.


Might try to see if ATT Customer Care can help.  Contact ATT Customer Care on the link in my signature below.

Send them a Private Message, on this link, and they should be able to give the help needed to solve your pricing problems.


Include your name, account #, email address and a good phone # (land or cell) and time to contact you on.

Check the blue PM envelope, upper right on every page, for their reply. They can do more than any phone rep and stick w/it till it's done. Good luck 😉



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8 years ago

Hello Chris:

In private message email, whom send to what is the email id, which email id I need to reference



ACE - Expert


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8 years ago

Send a PM, not an email.  Use the link in Chris' post.



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8 years ago

 To Kumarg and anyone with ATT U Verse Service


Like you I was sucked into the ATT bait and switch sales pitch  mine came from ATT Uverse in mailers ( legitmate)  well over a year ago I finally said why not  save some money after 53 years of service with a traditonal line and no problems  after all this is ATT the old Ma Bell.  Big mistake while the installer was great the service though Uverse is less then worthy of any praise.  For over a year now  the modem ( have had to replace three and will be replacing a forth  this Tuesday) has gone down while on line or talking on the phone.  Several supervisors have come to my residence and looked around tested line  etc but have never fixed anything.  I have lost many business calls as  result of down time due to to U Verse not working that is lost revenue for me.  The overseas  call center in India, China and the Philipines are the worst all they are trained to do is say they are sorry and repeat what you have already told them and promise to send out a technician.  One more try ATT U-verse next step after Tuesday is to drop it and go back to my traditonal line that worked and either DSL or Comcast.

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