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Sat, Oct 24, 2015 1:41 AM

No support from Sedgwick

I recently signed up for AT&T Uverse service. This required a new cable be installed from the street to my house. When the cable was buried my irrigation system was damaged rendering my system partially inoperable. I contacted AT&T about the issue and was sluffed off to Sedgwick.  


This company has provided zero support in resolving my issue. The person assigned to my case apparently doesn't even have access to information to determine who was assigned the task of burying the cable; AT&T employees or another company contracted for the task. He keeps telling me that he is in touch with people at AT&T and he is waiting to hear back from them.  Somehow he expects me to believe that he isn't capable of getting in touch with someone by phone or email and receive a timely response to a customer problem.  


I have read of others who have had similar problems with Sedgwick slow-walking thier cases. I get the feeling that they are trying to get us to give up and eat the cost just to have the problem go away.  Well, that is not going to happen.  


What can a new paying customer do to get some service around here? 



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3 y ago

Your situation sounds similar to mine. My irrigation system was damaged, I was assigned a claim number, an att crew supervisor acknowledged that they were at fault on damages and contacted my claim representative with sedgewick. I have submitted repair bills and pictures of all of the damages and repairs. I call several times a week and email. This has drug on for over three weeks. The problem is - the person from Sedgwick sends an email asking for a copy of the bill and I send it right away. Then I wAit a week. Then the next week, this person asks for a more detailed bill and I send it again right away. Then crickets. It would be nice to receive acknowledgement that items are received and that they have what is needed instead of waiting with no communication. And then weeks go by and I don’t know what is happening. Am I the hold up? Are they working on it? Then I get an email that says the case will be closed in two weeks since I haven’t responded. I have called and emailed so many times. This is very frustrating. I feel like it’s a stall tactic to not pay. 

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