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Tuesday, July 8th, 2014 6:10 PM

Moved: Day 2 - WAITING ON A TECH

This is the second day I have put aside all of my responsibilities and errands so that AT&T can totally blow me off without any explanatation or courtesy call.  On June 21, 2014 I had an appointment window of 9am-5pm.  I called in the morning and they said that no technician had been assigned.  They said that the order was mishandeled.  I called again in the afternoon and was disconnected after waiting for 45 minutes.  I called a third time in the late afternoon and they said that there was a huge error on their part and couldn't send anyone that day anymore.  I waited for an entire 8 hour window on a weekday for nothing.  I cleared my schedule for this.  How is this corporation still in business when they treat people so poorly?  This is reprehensible.  You ask people to sit around for 8 hours only to bail on them with no communication???  How ironic for a communication company to not be able to communicate with their customers!  


The story continues... When they decided that a giant error had been made they assured me that they would be able to schedule an appointment and get this handled.  I wanted to believe them so badly and ultimately, it isn't like you have a choice as a customer.  The first available appointment wasn't for two weeks.  I took it.  They were to come out today, July 8, between 8am and noon.  Again, no communication.  At 10:10am I called to check in about the appointment and was put on the phone with Ralph.  He said that it was mishandeled again and never assigned to a technician.  Ralph also said that it was unlikely that someone would be able to come out today.  I am still on the phone.  On hold.  It is 11:05am.  Another hour wasted by the worst company in the world.  I just want a technician to actually show up and for AT&T to actually keep their word. 


AT&T locks you in and then backs you into a corner.  You can't even cancel without spending countless hours on the phone.  They are allowed to waste my time and money and yet, it isn't like I can just stop paying my bills even though I don't get what I pay for.  If you are with T-Mobile or Verizon - DO NOT LEAVE.  Stay there.  There's no way it could be worst than AT&T.  


AT&T, why do you think your customers time is so worthless?  I have been with many phone companies throughout the years, but had been loyal to AT&T.  I don't know why.  They clearly don't value ANY of their customers.  This is by far the worst display of customer service that I have EVER seen.  I am astounded at the lack of regard for paying, loyal customers.  I can't figure out why they stay in business.  Clearly, the customers mean absolutely nothing.  Maybe even less.


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If your issue still isn't resolved click on the link below to send a PM to Customer Care. They are an escalation team that is higher than regular CS.¬eToUserId=192773
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