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Thursday, August 20th, 2015 6:15 AM

Is this what it is?

AT&T may review all possible recordings of my conversations with AT&T Customer Support Representatives to validate that all I have said is honest and true, not to the best of my ability, but just plain 100% true.


1. I had an AT&T Support Representative, over the phone, transfer ownership of our AT&T U-verse account from my mom owning it, to me. Then I also told them that I wanted to change our phone from Magic Jack to AT&T landline for phone, not digital voice. Easy enough, the whole porting thing, after about 2 hours of holding on the phone. I meditated and listened to ocean waves on my speakers during said 2 hours and Adelaide told me that we would have our internet speed increased from 18 megabits per second to 24 megabits per second on Thursday, August 13, 2015, at 11:59 pm CST after receiving our self-install kit. It is what it is.


2. Thursday, August 13, 2015, rolls around and we get a "kit" in the mail. It has nothing but documents in it. We already had a Motorola router for our previous AT&T U-verse internet, so we did not need a new one. So, I figured the documents would just tell us the mickey mouse stuff, which indeed turned out to be simply plugging the phone into the one port that was covered up with transparent tape on the back of the gateway router. However, I did not order digital voice. I ordered a landline, which would of course be plugged in directly to the wall, if I am not mistaken, not the gateway router. Whoever heard of a landline getting plugged into a gateway router? Rhetorical question. It is what it is.


3. I called AT&T at 1-800-288-2020 and told them of my problem. I did not have my new AT&T account number written down, and as I had uninstalled my password manager, I had deleted my login info, so I also could not remember the new email I created, nor the password. I was obviously upset, and although I was not screaming to the guy on the phone, after telling him that this was not his fault, but that I wanted the problem corrected immediately, he asked for my 4-digit code. I answered and he gave me a smart-alec response, "Sorry, but you are WRONG." I repeated the number and told him that it was the only number I had created and it was written down right next to my AT&T password secret question and he reiterated that I must be trying to get into someone else's account. My realizing that I had somehow offended him, I explained to him that I was sorry for initially using a raised tone during the beginning of the call (having not used any objectional words nor calling anyone any names, including AT&T), and he seemed to calm down, albeit not telling me that my 4-digit code was indeed correct, he gave me all the privileges that were accessible to someone that would indeed have verified that information. Was he lying? Or did he not care about losing his job? Both rhetorical questions. It is what it is. He told me that Voice, which I had not ordered, was now cancelled and that the landline would be up and running on the 18th and he would transfer me to someone so that I could be responsible for the financial obligations associated with the landline.


3. I talked to the second guy, not 20 minutes later, who verified that my 4-digit code was correct and he knew not why the previous AT&T Support Representative twice told me it was wrong. I have the previous guys name written down somewhere and this guys name I did not feel the need to write down, because he was nothing more than polite with me, thus my feeling the need to "do unto others as you would want others to do unto you". He told me that it was possible that since AT&T had already ported our number from Magic Jack, that we might not be able to get Magic Jack back. At least he was honest. But, we did have Magic Jack, until yesterday, the 18th, the day our landline was supposed to work, which it did not.


4. Called yesterday, around 7:00 pm CST, and talked to "Ross" (1-800-288-2020), who I told all the stuff I just already have told here, without all the unecessary stuff, and he told me that our landline was functioning and that our number had been ported over. I told him I already tried plugging the RJ-11 cable, him not knowing what that was, my repeating phone cable, into the back of the router and it not working, and he said, "You need a DSL filter." I said, "I'll check in our basement if we have any left over from when we had DSL with AT&T." Ross responded, "You should have likely more than one DSL filter in the kit that we sent you." I responded, "We did not get a kit." Ross responded, "Your kit arrived on the 13th of August." I responded, "Yes, we got a 'kit', but it only had documents in it on how to setup a self-install of Voice, which I did not order and already told you at the beginning of this phone call." Ross responded, "Please go look for a DSL filter then." So, I did and didn't find one, told him this, and his response was, "Well, you can just 'get one'." Of course I knew what he was talking about, but certainly did not like the tone in his voice, so I said, "What do you mean?" He reiterated, "You can just 'get one.'" I responded, "Yes, I heard you. But what do you mean, by 'I can just 'get one'.'" He said, "Just got to an AT&T store or something and 'get one'." I said, "Oh, you mean 'purchase one'." He said, "Yes." So, I got a little uppity and said, "Well, seeing as AT&T was supposed to send me a DSL filter in a kit that we never received, as you already said we were supposed to [receive a DSL filter in a kit], then should't AT&T be shipping us a DSL filter in the mail with the cost either deferred or part of our AT&T landline plan?" Ross responded, "Well, SIR, no, because AT&T does not just send people a DSL filter if they only need one." At this point, I realized I was getting nowhere, so I thanked him for his time and that we would contact AT&T on August 20th after we installed a DSL filter and checked to see if our landline worked.


5. Purchased a DSL filter from Walmart, by GE (General Electric) for about $7.47 and installed it. We do not have landline service. But, digital Voice works just fine.


Is it normal for AT&T Support Representatives to lie and make their ego and pride more important than actually helping a customer who has all their conversations recorded as well and can send said recordings to AT&T for review?


Please respond on how we will get our landline service and how we will not get charged for Voice, as we never ordered this.


Please check the recordings of your own records. Everything I have said will be verified. It is what it is.


Thank you.

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