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Thursday, March 7th, 2019 7:19 PM


Internet Upgrade Scam- Deceitful Reps Trick Loyal Customers

My family has been loyal to AT&T for years.  My recent experience calls into question the extent that certain representatives value customer satisfaction over sales that are made in a dishonorable, deceitful manor. 


Last month, I was told by an AT&T account manager (I will refer to him as P) that the internet for my apartment complex would be upgraded to unlimited data free of charge.  Before agreeing to have anyone come in to my apartment, I asked P a series of questions including if I should expect an increase at any point in time to my monthly bill, to which he responded, "No" via text message. 

P arranged to have someone come and perform the internet upgrade. P also said that since my phone service was with AT&T, I qualified for $10 off my internet bill. 

At this point, I have been promised a free internet upgrade to unlimited data, for my internet bill to decrease by $10, and that an installer would be coming to my apartment to upgrade the internet. 


A technician from AT&T arrived at my residence to perform what was supposed to be an internet upgrade.  He actually installed a cable box with a Uverse 300 package.  At no point had I requested cable.


When I went in to a local AT&T store to pay my monthly bill, I was told that the bill was $168.18, obviously not the correct amount for my internet bill.  When I asked to see the charges, there was an additional charge for cable when, according to P, my bill (which should only be for internet) was supposed to go down $10 and be $40 in total.  Multiple attempts to get in contact with P resulted in delayed responses and failure to complete tasks he said he would complete.  P would not provide an answer as to how this mistake could have happened, but said that the process for setting up cable for a customer is completely different than anything involving internet. 


After a full week of speaking with multiple AT&T employees in person and over the phone, and reaching out to P several times, he said that he had resolved the billing issue and that I would receive a confirmation number via text (which he never sent to me).  After receiving word that it should be fixed, I went to the AT&T store, but the incorrect amount was still on my bill.  The manager there was actually able to help reverse the charges to my account and resolve the billing problem after multiple hours at the store.  HOWEVER, after talking with this helpful individual, he echoed P's comment that setting up cable requires a different process, and is not likely to accidentally sign a customer up for a cable service they did not request. He and another employee stated that upgrading to unlimited is typically an additional $30/month and they do not know how or why P promised that would be free. FURTHERMORE, after notifying the leasing office for my apartment complex of this problem and the significant time spent and difficulty I had resolving it, they said that this was not their first problem with AT&T account manager P harassing and deceiving their residents.


I feel as though this individual, P, is operating on behalf of AT&T dishonorably and is tricking customers into services they do not want, then not providing adequate assistance to reverse the problems he has caused.  Had I not received assistance from the AT&T employee who actually helped me, I believe I would still be on the hook for the increase to my bill caused by P's "error".  I would like to know why issues like this are happening, affecting current and future AT&T customers, and how the company plans to resolve this problem and prevent bad actors from deceiving its customers moving forward.

ACE - Professor


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5 years ago

Did the store personnel cancel your tv service? Did they advise you how to return the equipment? I would call customer service, say cancel or ask for retentions. Once you confirm you are speaking with retentions, confirm that your account has been corrected. You don’t want to get another bill next month and have to do this all over again.


Were you present when the installer arrived to install the tv service you did not order?


if yes, you should have refused the install. Was the installer was let into your apartment by apartment staff. 



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5 years ago

Hard to believe a technician could go ahead and install cable TV service at your house without you knowing about it.  That's a first.  He tricked you into signing approval of the work order?


Didn't you notice him hooking up cable to your TV?



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2 months ago

Just don't "upgrade" to Internet Air.  It is worthless.

ACE - Expert


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2 months ago

5yo thread.  Closed.

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