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Sat, Mar 25, 2017 5:05 AM

How to get a lower price (promotion expired)

I bundled UVerse with phone and internet, we just got our latest bill and discovered the promotion expired.  We are long time A T and T customers (way too long) and would hate to leave them but am unwilling to absorb the price hike they threw at us.  Suggestions welcomed even if it means going with a different company after 40 plus years.




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4 y ago

You have to call them and threaten to pull everything out - be persistent and they will finally send you to their Retention Department which finally gets you to someone who has other promotions available.  I have been with AT&T U-Verse (TV & Internet, home phone and wireless) for over 7 years and I have to do it every year.  Same thing happens with Cable companies you only get the promotions for the first year and then you have to fight to get promotions that are always available to NEW customers.  So much for taking care of your customers!!




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4 y ago

You don't have to threaten to leave, just ask them what they can do for you. Do all your research like what other companies are charging in your area and also go to the uverse website and see what promo's they have for new customers. Just be well informed and if they say they can't do anything for you, wait a few hours or a day and call back. Different rep might be able to do something for you, it a throw of the dice most times. If you don't get anywhere with them, then threaten to leave.

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