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Friday, April 3rd, 2015 2:57 PM

How much does it cost to upgrade to u300 from u200?

Everything I see when I research this is that the u300 package costs around $90. Nothing says what it would be if I upgraded it to the u200 package, and if how far I am into the month since my last payment would have any impact on it. Can someone help me out?



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9 years ago

The other half of your question is that when you change in the middle of the month you get credit for the remainder of the month @ u200 & charged for the remainder of the month @ u300. And, the next month the full $15 for u300


Effectvely payng the percentage(prorate) of the &15 difference for the percentage of the month @ u300. So, that one transition month will be up to $30 dolars more than your past bills, and, up to $15 more than the full  ampount of future bills.


You only pay for what you use. This prorate causes a higher initial bill on new service or upgrade. Downgrade prorate causes a credit on the next bill.

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