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Saturday, March 8th, 2014 7:10 AM

How much data have we used?

With the addition of a smart TV to our home I want to know how much data we are using.   I did a search and found the location where I might estimate how much we would use for various purposes.  But when I check our U-Verse bill I can't seem to find any indication of just how many gigabits of data we actually did use in any given month.  It appears that 5 gb per month is the maximum allowed.  After that every extra gb will cost $15 (if I remember right).  That's robbery.  So we want to make sure we are not going over the cap.  Does anyone know where to look for this information?

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9 years ago

Hello hpmsrm,


For regular DSL it's 150GB, with each additional 50GB charged at $10. This usage limit is being enforced. For U-Verse it's 250GB, with each additional 50GB charged at $10. Apparently, for U-verse the usage limit is not currently being enforced, as such the usage meters aren't operating. (No reports of anyone being billed for going over, either.)
For GigaPower U-Verse the limit is 1TB, with each additional 50GB charged at $10. Due to it's very limited availability, no word on whether it's being enforced, yet.


You'll be able to find your usage here. (Requires Log-In)


When it does become implemented, you'll receive plenty of warnings as you approach your limit but you will not be charged the first time you go over your 150GB limit. 


According to the Broaband Usage FAQs

What will happen if I exceed my data plan?

You will receive a notice the first time your usage exceeds your data plan and will not be billed.


In the following months, we will send you additional notices any time your usage exceeds 65% and 90% of your data plan to help you track and manage your usage. The next time you exceed 150GB you'll once again be notified, but will not be billed.


If you exceed your data plan in any subsequent billing period, we'll provide you with an additional 50GB of data for $10. You'll be charged $10 for every incremental 50GB of usage beyond your plan.

Importantly, if you  do not receive a notice from AT&T, it means that you have not exceeded your data plan. In some cases, it may mean that we cannot measure your usage yet. Either way, you should not be concerned about your usage patterns for billing purposes.




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9 years ago

Thanks julywashere for that information.  I did use that link you reported to the page where a progress report is supposed to appear regarding data usage.  But, except for a little note to the effect that nothing was available at this time, the page was blank.   But I did bookmark that page so that I can check back once in a while.   WOW!  I did not expect the cap to be that high for U-verse High Speed service.  Even with viewing HD movies it would take quite a while to use that much in a month.  We do not do a lot of movie watching.  So I guess we're not going to have to worry very much about hitting the cap.....even if and when AT&T does start enforcing it.


Thanks again for your help

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