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Saturday, March 4th, 2017 1:47 PM

False offers on upgrade - Charging us more, giving us less, and wasting time

To be brief:

In late January, I ordered an upgraded of internet 75mbps as we were at 24, and figured it was time for a change. For some reason, the install was cancelled (not locally, but through the online system)  4 times. The call centers informed me it was a technical glitch. My bill went up. Eventually they said "You can only get internet 45mbps, sorry". I had to take a break from the hours of call time, and a few weeks later asked again why all this had happened (I took off four separate days of work, which is ... not easy - especially when you are talking about service upgrades). I was apologized to, and talked to 3 managers - and sales, all documented through chat with the logs sent to me with ref #'s. I was promised, at that point, to be given UVERSE TV as well, as a courtesy (I've never had it, and hadn't considered it until then) for the Price of $129.99 w/ 75mbps internet and home phone. This was a courtesy deal, and was not available for online viewing until I said OK (as an invoice) due to the nature of the loyalty discount. I was skeptical, but, at this point I had it all IN WRITING and when chat can add services and drop them, an offer they make it a valid offer as far as I am concerned. 


After accepting their offer, we scheduled install. None came - and it was a "glitch". They had no record of us ordering services. 

That day a gentleman at tech support actually was, in my opinion, very helpful - he called back several times and worked the situation. He also got us install scheduled the next day, and I told him that would be the last time I am willing to try - And gave it a shot.


Hey! Everything went great - tech showed up, and was a great guy. But - he was only supposed to install the basic local channels and internet 45. Our offer was for Unlimited U-Verse, 75mbps internet, phone (we already had that part) with waived install and device fees, free HD/programming up to U450, and additionally that $129.99 would be the price for all two years. He read the transcripts, spoke with me - and called his boss. He was disappointed in sales and couldn't believe the blantant lies made. He said "why would someone even order all this UVERSE DVR material, for more money, when they recieve those channels free OTA already?" - He spent six hours here, worked his butt off, and stuck around to make sure I got set up and was ok. He even had to install actual dual lines to get us the package we ended up recieving that day (U200, free HBO for three months, INET 75, and 1 receiver). I commend him for his hard work and really going above and beyond to help a customer. 


The cherry on top was that we were offered through sales (again, the transcripts do not lie) rewards gift cards. I believe 6 total - $150, 3 $200's, and two addtional I cannot recall at this time. We see the $150 as something coming in the mail now, but have done the call dance with more service reps since install since we were so blatantly lied to and put out of our schedule. 


What gets me the most is that after closely reviewing this package - It's not really a "deal". It's a package from a bundle online. We were just told it was a higher deal, and slapped a generic bundle, and charged more. I would ask ATT to explain to me why fraudulent sales is OK? It is in fact against the law to make offers for services and etc that are documented and through a resource that can actively change billing - and not provide them. I'll give you the $200 package for $100, since you have been having difficulty due to our system being faulty - ok? Sure! But then when you don't give the person that, and they recieve things that are different and require them to pay more than in the beginning (We've had ATT internet for over 10 years), you have then committed sales fraud. If I knew that the TV was going to be something this complicated - I would have picked something different, and picked based on what I saw having the most use and appeal to my family. 


Today, my plan is to go to a corporate store, unless it is resolved quickly with all the printed chats/printed account info (including order #'s that were deleted due to cancellations), and hash it out with a manager. I simply cannot spend more time fighting to obtain some assurance I will be given what was offered or taken care of, or let go without fees over the phone. It's disruptive, and I'm sure many others have gone through it. At this point, I want to know what AT&T would like to do for us to ensure we are satisfied, and have peace of mind that things aren't changing again - Because the alternative is not only the loss of a long time customer, but legal action taken against them. I'd prefer to settle up with them on what is owed, and put it to rest, and also have the technition commended again. He really was a great guy, and had a strong work ethic - and deserves recognition. 


#customerloyalty #sales #helpyourcustomers #retention #UVERSE




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7 years ago

This is par for the course with AT&T. Sad thing is, U-Verse service is actually very good, and the premises technicians that did my install in 2013 spent all day and ran fresh CAT-5 all through the house and were a class act. It's too bad the sales and billing are not as ethical, honest and hard working for their customers as their technical folks are.


you should read my story, broken promises and ever increasing bills. No response from AT&T yet except their canned comment. 


Community Support


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7 years ago

Hi @jsmythe44,


Sorry to read of your experience. We can look into this. Send us a message by clicking here. Include your full name, address, contact #, and a brief description of the issue. Our teams may email you using the email address associated with your forum ID so keep an eye out. 



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