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Wed, Jan 20, 2016 3:27 AM

Creepy installation guy

I upgraded my internet in which a new modem was needed.  The installation guy showed up and spent over 90 minutes swapping out the internet.  When he first entered, he kept asking what the entry code to our condo gat was.  I let him know that there isn't one and that I will have to let him in and out.  He then kept going back and forth from his truck, saying he forgot this, or forgot that...


Finally he gets to work. 


He kept asking to go into the back room to check the range of the wifi.  He then asked me to connect and test every device in the house.  I informed him that I will connect every device later, and he insisted that I did that while he was in the house.  I had to connect my Sonos and play music to test.  Needless to say I was creeped out. 


A few days later, he called and left a message to see if everything was working properly.  Okay, I thought.  He's just checking back up to see if everything works.  Fast forward about 5 days to today and I get another call from him...."It's been a week since, I called, I really want your feedback. Please call me."  He sounded very insistant in his message.


I find this very unprofessional and inappropriate.  Quite frankly, I'm worried about this guy knowing my residence and having my phone number.  I want to email ATT customer service, but I can't seem to find it on the site.  Can someone direct me?


Is it normal for an installation guy to follow up over the phone, let alone twice?  Is this protocal?





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It may have been a newer tech, I've spoken with some of them and they seem to want to make sure customer is up and going the first time so they don't get repeats (These are metrics they go by to see how well there doing). This could also explain the hole thing of him forgetting several things as well.


I work with the techs when things fail in the field for installation of services and repairs, they are adamant about making sure the customers services are fully working and all devices are getting connected with no issues... They wont let me off the phone until they make sure... haha


And if its an install, yes they usually give a call a couple days down the line to make sure the customers are all set without any issues because if there is they will try to find time to come back out and get things sorted out.



Now I'm not saying you shouldn't feel uncomfortable, if he made you feel uneasy then yes please report it because that is not what we are all about.

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There is company policy and then there is local practices.

Company policy is the expectation for all techs while local practice is the deviations from practice.

Depending on the techs skill level (time with company) the expectation can change.
At one point in time we were to write all contact info down for the customer, I printed my own business cards to keep from constant writing the same info. Then moved to sending an email with contact information, surprised at how many people give inaccurate emails, perhaps safe guarding their information. Now I just send a generic text message at the close of the day to phone number for account, if have voip number listed your not getting my contact info.

Normally customer surveys are performed within 48 hours from time of visit, customers can also leave a message with techs manager when provided for feedback.

I will agree the techs behavior based on description is not the normal expected which lends credience that the tech is fresh out of training and just try the best to get it right. Overzealous is perhaps the word that best describes this behavior.
*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.

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Is this what the world has come to that good service is being labeled as creepy.  When I updated my internet and updated to 45 megs he did the pair bonding and connected my modem.  He had me test the internet on my computer and cell phones and tablets to make sure I was getting the full 45 Megs.  He also asked me to turn on my TVs to make sure they worked. I asked him about the larger DVR he said he had one on the truck and got it and replaced my old modem.  He then asked me to turn on the TV and make sure it worked.  When I did it did not have a signal.  He checked it out and did not secure the cable all the way in and he fixed it.  He called a few days later the check how everything is working and I said it was fine.  I thanked him and never heard from him again.  Because of his service I was never inconvenienced by having to wait for someone else to come out.  He also gave me two of the newer remote controls and programed my equipment so all of the devises came on at the same time.  If that is being creepy I was all companies had creepy people.  I say thank you AT&T for the quality service your tech out of the Atlanta office gave me.  I just wish I could remember his name.



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I guess I've seen the Jim Carrey movie one too many times.  It was his demeanor that was out of the ordinary.  I think he was just a newer installation guy as the AT&T employee had alluded to.  Maybe he was just a very akward guy.  


He kept asking what my work schedule was like and if am home often...then went to asking what the code was to get into our secured condo complex.  


In the second voicemail, his voice seemed angry and pressing, "Not sure why you haven't called me back, it's been a week..."


That is strange to me.