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Wednesday, May 20th, 2020 10:38 PM

Covid 19 Discounts available?

I was wondering if there are any discounts or assistance available to customers suffering financial loss during this time?

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4 years ago

On the right side of this page there are a series of blue circles. Click on the first one that says "Our response to Covid-19"

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4 years ago

Even without COVID-19, I'm able to call in to the retentions department once or twice a year. If I find I'm polite, they'll usually offer me $20-40 off my TV package per month plus an additional $10-20 per month off my internet. Sometimes they'll offer a speed upgrade and maybe some free HBO or a TV upgrade.

Write down the dates that the promotions expire. I find the calendar app in my phone works for me. Other people may prefer a Post-It note by the TV. Either way, AT&T will not remind you. If you forget to call in, your bill may go from something like $130 to something like $165.

Call in during regular USA business hours, as that's when they're open.

In terms of internet, I think I'm paying for 1000 Mbps (includes HBO Max) for a similar price as to what I was paying for 50 Mbps. The fiber install did require a no-charge service visit to replace outside wires.

In terms of TV, my 2019-2020 promo was something like $50 off U-300, but I had to pay $10/mo for HBO/Cinemax. My current promo started a few months ago and I'm getting something like $30 off my U-300.

When I went from 100 Mbps to 1000 earlier this month, they took $10 off my TV to make my speed upgrade free.

So in and see what they can do for you. You may not get the same offers, as it depends on a lot of factors, but it's always worth a try.
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