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Friday, December 12th, 2014 11:46 PM

Bye-bye AT&T U-Verse Internet

  After several years of AT&T U-Verse Internet, I can't believe I am going back to Comcast.

  Comcast may have absolutely awful customer service, but at least they have connectivity, which AT&T U-Verse Internet lacks. For months now, I have been complaining about not being able to use several different internet radio streaming services without having the feed drop out within a few minutes. YouTube and other video services are virtually impossible to watch on the first try.

  AT&T has replaced my access point and sent out a technician who says everything is fine.

  Today I cannot upload a file to Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive or Mega. Every attempt fails.

  AT&T is sending out another technician, but Ithink on Monday I'll be signing up for Comcast on at least a trial basis.



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9 years ago

I needed to get a file to a client early this morning. So I was going to upload it to Dropbox. Not with U-Verse. Well, Google derive. Nope: not with U-Verse. Same with OneDrive. U-Verse doesn't work. Finally turned to Mega. Of course not, I'm using U-Verse - no file transfer for me.


Finally, after repeatedly starting and failing, the file started uploading about 90 minutes ago. It is 12% done, so I dont have my high hopes.


I'vew been an aT&T U-Verse subscriber for several years and internet connectivity has gotten worse and worse. New acces point a fedw weeks ago did no good. Service call a couple of weeks ago got me the opinion tht everything is fine.


Of course, if an internet radio stream goes uninterrupted for more than a few minutes, it's an unusual occurence. And I can't remember the last time a YouTube or Netflix video simply played without lengthy pauses.


U-Verse is, in a word, awful I hate doing it, but I'm going back to Comcast. They're awful when it comes to customer service, but at least they provide adequate bandwidth.


Bye-bye U-Verse:for the last year or so, it hasn't been pleasant at all.

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