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Mon, Dec 16, 2019 8:55 PM

Bunch of questions

A few weeks ago, I was told AT&T U-Verse would shut down by some salesmen at Walmart.


Now I’m reading AT&T TV will launch nationwide (without channels I have U-Verse for, ones that nobody else carries) and that U-Verse will shut down.


My discount expires in January and nobody seems to be able to help. My bill is going to skyrocket up to $200 with the rate increases.


What can I do? I don’t want to lose the channels I watch. I don’t want to lose all of my DVR recordings. And I can’t afford a $60+ bill increase. Why is this happening? 


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4 months ago

This article  released yesterday, may or may not answer your questions.


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4 months ago

This is the article I read. This matches what the DirecTV salesman hounding me at Walmart told me. last month. “They want people shifted to DirecTV by March” they told me.


I called them on the phone about it, they asked where I got my info from, told them and the response was “Not true. Speculation. If you hear any more about this, call us and tell us about it.”


As far as the service, I have had it since 2011 and never had any trouble with it. I had to replace the DVR once during that entire time. Before U-Verse, I had Time Warner (Spectrum) and was swapping their Scientific Atlanta boxes constantly because they kept breaking down. Nobody I know with Spectrum has a smooth experience.  It’s too bad AT&T couldn’t figure out what they were doing right and expanding on it instead of spending money on all this junk they didn’t need. 


I guess I’ll have to downgrade my package. I’m on U-450 so that means losing HBO and Cinemax. I want to keep it as long as possible because it actually works.






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@jeremy1069fm I downgraded to U300 and added HBO/Cinemax for $15.99 a month. Call Customer Loyalty (retention) and ask if ATT has any special pricing at this time.




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2 months ago


UVerse isn’t a long term option, AT&T TV appears to be part of a solution, but too early to know spot sure. All speculation here. The content isn’t provided through a cable (like uverse) or a dish (like directv), so it’s more limited at the moment due to other companies owning exclusive “streaming” rights that prevent AT&T TV form having those available (at this time).

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Get Youtube TV. It's only $50 a month and has a stellar DVR. Most of us ex-AT&T customers have gone this route.

AT&T TV, even though it's streaming, still has boxes you have to rent and contracts and skyrocketing prices after your promo runs out. The interface is clunky, the DVR is very bare bones and often fails to record, and your recordings expire after a couple of months.

I highly recommend you use this opportunity to make a clean break from AT&T.

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@lydian You said it lydian. I am so fed up with these insane prices from AT&T. My bill, and this is without any kind of phone service, can run $300/month if we rent a couple of movies. Basic price per month is about $280 for U-450. I was thinking I'd knock it down to U-200 but for what? To save about $60/month? There's a reason AT&T lost over one million customers last month. They're about to lose another in the next few days.

YoutubeTV $50 including an online DVR, my Roku with Netflix, Amazon and a few other freebies and that's it. I'm done with cable.

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