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Wed, Jan 22, 2020 5:20 AM

Bill and Service Rant - Chapter 3

Part three in the ongoing saga is going to be a short one.

I logged into my account tonight just to see if the nebulous "back office" was on the ball and had followed through on Green's promise to get things updated due to his immediate tag on the ticket. And of course they haven't. I didn't really expect that they would have. But one can always dream.

There was however one thing that did get updated. That is the time that the tech is supposed to be here Friday to change whatever has to be changed to move to higher speed internet connection. It was moved back by six hours.

Did anyone ask if that would be ok? Nope.

Did anyone even tell me that it had happened? Nope.

Does it look like the comedy stylings of diconnect Zach? Oh yeah it does.

Am I laughing? Nope.

But, I did dig around and find what is supposed to be an abuse complaint e-mail address for ATT as well as a couple of old customer service e-mail addresses in my e-mail client. Maybe they work. Maybe they don't. Maybe I end up getting the last laugh on disconnect Zach. Maybe I don't.

Assuming that the e-mail address(es) work, will I get any help? Probably not.


ATT is big.

ATT is old.

ATT is slow to learn.

ATT simply doesn't give to squirts of rat's tinkle about me as an individual customer.

Prove me wrong ATT. I dare you.




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3 months ago

Just a note - all three e-mail addresses that I sent info to worked. None bounced as invalid. One even sent an automated response. Down side is it doesn't sound like the automated response e-mail is going to be any help what so ever.

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