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Tue, Aug 15, 2017 1:12 PM

Being billed for a wireless box that I do not have...

I have Uverse in Florida. 

The account is now 3 months old. 

Since starting I have had to have technicians to the house 9 times because "the other tech did not do it right"

I was even given a used modem with the sticker of another persons account on it. 

It was installed and only partially worked, I was at work so I didn't get to check it out. When I did it had another ATT name with the passwords, and activate phone lines, from the logs. It had the ladies phone number and all of the calls on it that were made and received.

Plus the pass code, that was not standard. Perhaps her bank passwords or one used at other places

That was call number 8 when the tech put that box in.

The others were for an outside ground wire not being hooked up, a bad wire x2, that never got fixed right. I opened the customer side and found that the tech had not stripped the wires to make contact with the connectors. Magic I stripped off the wire ends and reconnected them and the 2 lines balanced, although very slow, So another call, seems a wire at the main terminal was bad, took 2 tries to have that fixed.

Had calls as they could not get my emails after changing from Yahoo.  Said it would take a week, so I had to sign up for elite service at 15/mo called and it was fixed within 10 minutes.


Now ... After I called about the used box, at first no one really cared. But when I told them I had the ladies box with her phone number and passwords, and I was going to call her to tell her what they did, they send a Supervisor over.

He took the used box away, replaced it with a new modem, when doing so He checked the only other box I have. 

A wireless receiver, we only have 2 tv's  He said it was bad as well and he left for an hour came back and replaced it.


He went through everything and the system is now working. Although Florida Internet ATT is slowest I was paying top dollar for u450 and internet 40


He left taking both boxes with him, and I thought it was done.


Nope... Now they want to charge me for the box that he took with him because they did not show any returned. 

Charging 200 for a box that I cannot even use if I had one. 

I keep getting letters I have called, but they say it never came back, so its my fault


This is wrong of them.  ATT is calling me a liar , saying I would have to have it....

I have called 4times about this and its always the same thing, oh its ok no worries once the box is recovered etc...

I am waiting on 1 more call to a supervisor then I am going to report it to the FTC and FCC for them to handle it.


Any help out there... anyone with similar issues ???







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5 years ago

Its not unusual to use refurbished boxes, it is however unusual for personal info to be on any device thats re used.

Also the tech/supervisor should be contacted directly, most likly your box is rolling around in the back of his truck.



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5 years ago

well thats kind of you to answer but its been a month.

I paid my service fee for august, but they applied it to the box that they lost,  even though it has 4 escalations on it stating that they are looking for it.

Now they say my account is late and threatened to turn off the account. Want to make payment arrangements.


I kept the number of the lady and her passwords that I found on the used box.

I called her and she is hopping mad. She is speaking to the FCC about this matter.

I have phone numbers that she has called and received for a month or so. Some from hospital clinics, therefore it brings in the HIPPA violations, as ATT did not protect her medical rights to privacy.

Not to mention that the passcode she used was also for other services, like banking.. not smart of her but that is what people do.


As far as the box. They wont say if they got the used box back, wont even mention it, but the wireless box is gone.


I am going for 2 more  days for them to resolve, then I am going to the local press to show how ATT fails to protect the security of your internet. Will go viral especially with the trump Russia thing

This one also needs to go to the FCC and Attorney Generals office for billing fraud. Forcing me to pay for a box that their service tech lost.




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