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Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018 2:18 PM

AT&T-DirecTV-Uverse Complaint

I got sold a DirecTV package that was cable and Internet that couldn’t meet its commitment and criteria for what I signed up for. I canceled the service and was charged for early termination fees. I canceled right away once all the techs came out to my home on multiple occasions to see if they could get the services corrected. They told me that I was promised something that was impossible to have u fortunately. If I can’t get said services that are in the agreement wouldn’t that make the contract bull and void? Spoke with multiple reps and contacts. Had multiple “tickets and cases” opened up for review. One rep told me that he cancelled the services and I wouldn’t be charged because of the issues at hand. Gave me a case number for that as well. As I continued to call over and over again I was just given the run around and couldn’t actually reach someone who was a manager or actually a one that cares. I’ve been a AT&T wireless customer for many years and the tens of thousands of dollars spent on devices and service and I’m held to $400. Now with the UVerse side freezing my account due to the $400 they believe I owe, my AT&T wireless account can not be used to open lines and new devices. So all of my loyalty to AT&T  is being diminished by a bogus DirecTV-UVerse contract. I guess AT&T is going to force me to leave the wireless side of their business for all of this. Unfortunate, but with so many options for wireless and also streaming video and movies it’s amazing the lack of care to hold on to my business overall. Hopefully some one sees this and has care and concern for my years of loyalty. If not, I will be loyal to another provider for the next 10-15 years. 

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5 years ago

Hello @JVaughn901,

I understand how these charges can raise a concern, especially since you never received the service you were informed you can have.  I can guide you on the proper route to handle this!

Due to the nature of your situation, I will be sending you a Private Message to gather further details.  Please look for this message in your Forum’s inbox. 


Adam, AT&T Community Specialist

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