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Monday, November 9th, 2015 1:32 AM

AT&T Withholding My Refund

Brace yourselves. This is a long one.


I moved out of an apartment in mid-May, and cancelled my AT&T account, but in the move I misplaced my receiver and equipment then (of course) forgot about them. I was annoyed when I was billed $341.68 for the equipment in August, but knew it was my own fault. I returned the stuff two days later, on August 12, 2015, and so began the nightmare that has consumed my life for the last 90 days.


After I returned the equipment to a UPS store, I was told I would receive a refund for the equipment charge after 30 days. I saw that my bill had been credited for the amount of the equipment. I called several times after the 30 days was up to ensure that I was going to receive my refund (instead of just an account credit), and was assured that it would be direct deposited into my checking account within six weeks. I NOW know that no refunds are given via direct deposit, only mailed by check when the account is closed. However, originally I was told it was going to be deposited. I actually made a phone call specifically for that purpose- to ask how I would receive my refund- because I anticipated it might be mailed to the apartment listed as the service address, where I no longer lived.


After six weeks passed and the deposit didn't show up, I contacted AT&T again and was told that a paper check had been mailed weeks prior, to my previous address- just as I suspected and tried to prevent. In all of the phone calls I had made to AT&T inquiring about my refund not one rep mentioned that to me or corrected me about the direct deposit. I waited WEEKS for a check that had already been sent, but to the wrong address.


I had the issue "resolved" via online chat (on 9/20) and a paper check was sent to my new address. I have chat transcripts confirming that the check would be sent to my new address.


"AT&T : I have successfully made all the required arrangements to resend the refund check ($341.68.) for your new address [2** N**** Avenue T******, CA 9**** ]. The case number is: H9*******.


AT&T : You will receive the refund check to the above address within 10 business days."


So, I waited. Then, 10 business days later, no check. I used chat again (on 10/4) and was told that the check had to be reprocessed and that it would arrive within 2-4 business days and that the "back end team" had been notified about it.


"AT&T : Kerstyn, I have checked and see that the case for refund check to re-send it to your new address was succesfully processed on 09/21/2015.


AT&T : Sorry for any inconvenience. It took some time to update the address and process the refund again to your new address. I can see the refund check for the amount $341.68 is successfully processed on 09/26/2015.


AT&T : The check number is **********.


AT&T : You should be receiving the check within next 2-4 business days.


Me : Okay.


AT&T : Even we want that you need not contact us again for a same issue and waste your time. Hence to be confirmed and safer side, I am forwarding this to our back end team as well.

AT&T : Check is already processed, but back-end team will check and track the mail. You will be notified by them for any required notification."


I waited 5 more business days (10/9), and still no check. On October 9, I called to have my issue resolved and a new check was sent out- I had to wait ten business days. Fast forward to October 22nd, and guess what: still no check.


I went into an AT&T store that day to try to get some help because obviously, the phone thing wasn't working. Unfortunately (I have no idea why) they couldn't help me.


I called customer service (and after an hour of yelling, crying screaming, crying again, and being transferred around and around and around) I spoke to a manager who informed me that even though I have chat transcripts confirming that the check sent to me was being sent to the correct address, it (and all subsequent checks) were still sent to the incorrect address.


This happened despite the SEVERAL times I contacted AT&T and explained my case, had my case elevated, and a check reissued.


The manager reissued a check, I was told it would take up to 10 business days, even though I begged and pleaded for it to be overnighted- apparently that is not possible.

It should have arrived November 5, 2015.


It is now the 8th, and I have no check in my hand. I called on the 6th and was told my case was elevated and that I would be contacted by a manager. I never was.


I returned the equipment 90 calendar days ago. I feel absolutely helpless because every time I call I am told I can do nothing but reissue a check and wait 10 business days. I refuse to do that again.


But of course, I had to do something. So today, I chatted with my lovely friends on the AT&T website so that I could have transcripts of the interaction between us.


"Mike B : Please do not worry, I have reviewed your account with my supervisor and I see its already sent to your new address and I request you to wait for another 6 days to receive the check on your new billing address.


Mike B : I will also add the detailed notes on your account stating that you have been a wonderful customer with AT&T with all the details so that you do not have to explain everything again.


Mike B : I've personally taken care of your concern for you. I assure you, you do not have to contact us again for the same issue. I've documented the issue to your account to make sure that this is taken care in future as well.


Me : Sir, I have been told that SO MANY TIMES


Mike B : Because I want to make sure all your concerns are addressed by the end of this chat.

Me : Not by you, by the multiple reps I have spoken to over these 3 months.


Me : And not once has it actually been resolved


Me : So, do you or your supervisor have a direct line I can call in the instance that this check does not show up in 6 days?


Me : Will you or your supervisor contact me in 6 days to ensure this issue has been resolved?


Me : Can you do something besides telling me to wait? Because I have waited. For 90 days


Mike B : I am ending this chat session since I have not heard from you. If you wish to chat with AT&T again, please open a new chat session. We look forward to serving your needs now and in the future."


And there you have it friends, AT&T disconnected instead of offering me a follow-up. How quaint.


So even after all of this mess, I am still without my refund. What in the world am I supposed to do?

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9 years ago

Hello @kerstynbdaleth,

We are sorry for the issues you are having trying to get reimbursed for your returned equipment. We will be glad to help. Please send us a detailed message by clicking here. Be sure to include your name, account number, phone number, and the best time to reach you.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, let us know if you have any other questions or concerns!



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