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Sun, Jul 15, 2018 10:51 PM

ATT rep said uverse is going away?

I was at the California State fair this weekend and was approached by a super aggressive salesman from AT&T (not unlikely for the state fair) who kept following me and asking me if I had AT&T for any service and am I interested in direct tv. When I finally replied yes I have been an AT&T customer for over 20 years and i already have uverse and I was not interested he said Uverse is going away you should lock into direct tv before you lose your uverse and can’t take advantage of the promotions for switching to direct tv. Is there any truth in uverse going away? I chalked it up to their aggressive sales tactics, but now im wondering if I should start shopping for something else. 


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2 years ago

A quick search of this forum would show people have been told this every since summer 2015 when ATT purchased DirecTv. 


Three years later, same story with some truth.... The name Uverse is going away. In December 2016 part of the products were renamed.

* Uverse Internet now ATT Internet

* Uverse Gigapower now ATT Fiber

* Uverse Voip now ATT Phone


Thus only Uverse IPTV is left and the company has already trademarked ATT TV. Just a question if this will be the name of the new streaming package (yes, it is) or become the umbrella name for all tv services as Uverse covered many different procducts. The company has stated in the past that the DirecTv name will also be disappearing, maybe part of new ATT TV.


Uverse as a product name is now 12 years old (2006-2018). Ever hear of Cingular Wireless (2000-2007) with orange logo? Still exists but now is ATT Mobility better known as ATT Wireless. Would not be surprised if Uverse, in name, disappears but IPTV will still exist for awhile and may becoming a streaming service using (Google) android receivers with cloud based DVR.


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