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Tuesday, July 26th, 2016 1:35 AM


Issue : AT&T has installed a service line/box and the line was drilled underneath my lawn and driveway - which is pavers bricks and went right through our property Main Sewage Line Pipe, cause major plumbing issues and also a 'SINK HOLE' in my driveway, we are afraid to even park on the driveway.  Prior to this we have called a plumber to clear the house plumbing lines because it was backing up causing flooding INSIDE of our home, not yet knowing what the main cause was.  We contacted the City of Pembroke Pines Florida, whom came out and confirmed that ATT is the culprit.  We have pictures of the Service Line damaging the Pipe 25 ft in length. This breakage is causing our driveway to deteriorate each day due to the sewage soaking into the sand/gravel.  The smell coming from the driveway is HAZARDOUS to our family especially our 2 YEAR OLD DAUGTER where we have to walk pass it to get into the house.  I have pictures with proof from the City's pipe camera. The only reason they cannot fix is because it lies within the resident's boundaries.  They stated this has been happening often and when on their boundary they would fix and then bill ATT.  That is the City who has money to pay.  I DONT, especially when I'm not at fault.


Action Taken : We called ATT who inturn passed us onto their Contracted Claims servicer SEDGWIK CMS and we filed a claim (xxxxxxxxxx). They said they would send out a Claims analyzer to confirm if the damage was on thier end. This claim was initiated on July 11th 2 WEEKS now, no Claims analyzer.  I've called everyday, and can never get through to our Claims Handler [edited for privacy – please do not post personal information]. Spoke to her once, 3 days ago, and she stated she cannot do anything and is waiting on ATT Managers to complete investigation. She also stated that if "I WANT TO MITIGATE THE PROBLEM, I HAVE THE RIGHT TO".  I cannot and will not pay for a problem that was not at my fault, nor has NOTHING to do with servicing my Residence.

I confronted my Neighbor and they said that AT&T did come out and dig into OUR LAWN to install the service line, but No one from ATT has called, nor any notice posted on my door, nothing.


[Edited to comply with Guidelines]


**QUOTE FROM PREVIOUS CLAIMANT on this FORUM**sacguy_1010 on May 14, 2014 at 10:04:08 PM 

"I do not understand why AT&T cannot dig in my neighbor's yard and no explanation has been provided for this. They are the ones who are AT&T customers and stand to benefit from this. Further, the spot on my lawn where they Dug is right next to my neighbor's property, literally 2 feet away!


I am not planning to back away from this lightly and am pursuing every option at my disposal. I have a horrible impression of AT&T from this experience, they do not respect my property at all and rather than trying to work with me and act reasonablly they have decided to treat me and my property with no respect"


Apparently and searching online this has been happening nationwide.

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8 years ago

Hi @sharichris1,


We can look into the status and just sent you a private message, click here to reply back.



Community Support


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8 years ago



Thank you for the information. We have reached out to the claims department and will work with them to see what can be done for this issue.


Thank you,


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