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Wednesday, April 11th, 2018 8:18 PM

AT&T client representative cheated while pushing for Direct TV

I have been with AT&T for more than 12 years as my cell phone carrier. I was talked into trying to add Direct TV service to my home last November. And the technician came to my house and found out it is hard to install it at the back of my house due to trees surrounding my house. Thus this installation was cancelled. 


3/26, while I was on a call with a wireless service representative on the phone, she try to sell me again about the Direct TV installation. I told her about the incidence of last year, and she told me that the technology has improved and it should not be a problem now. (It proved to be lie#1 after I talked to the technician came to my house later). The rep push me to agree with letting the technician to come over to my house to check the feasibility by promising a $300 Visa Card saying I will get it no matter the outcome of the feasibility check. (It proved to be lie#2, where I was told later by other reps that the $300 Visa Card only given to customers have the Direct TV installed). I still refused stating that I would not watch TV much these days, and she push me to a lower price package, saying it would be only $35 per month for me considering I am using the unlimited family package for the wireless service (This is another lie), I am not so sure about the price, explicitly ask her if this $35 per month is just a promotion or it is for life, she said this is for life. (This is the biggest lie). Then, I agreed to have the technician to come over to check the feasibility. (I was explicitly told that there will be 2 trips, one for detecting the feasibility, another one for installation if I agree to install). And she said that there will be an email to confirm the installation, and also told me ignore the prices on the email, since it is from some old template (This turned out to be another big lie).


On 3/30, the technician came over, the technician inspected the possibility of the installation, and it turned out he can get it installed, and I have to make the decision right then, since there would not be another visit, if I want to install it, I have to make decision right then. Without further time for me to clear up the confirmation email thing, I agreed to get it installed. 


Then I called AT&T right away that noon on 3/30, to make sure to get the right agreement written down of that the sales rep told me earlier, then I was told it is not true. This rep on the phone is very nice, try to offer me some solutions, also, told me he will escalate it to his manager to listen to the call of the earlier sales rep's conversation with me, and a manager will get back to me. 


I waited several days, since no one called, I called AT&T again on 4/7, and after speaking to different departments, finally, one rep get my case, and written down detailed notes of my case, and told me that this case will be escalated to a manager, and the manager will give me a call back after investigation.


Several days later, since no one called, I called AT&T again today on 4/11, and being transferred to different department to tell my story over and over again in over an hour, I finally talked to one of the manager on-duty named Cristian Tobar from billing department of Direct TV. And he insisted that if I get it installed, means I have agreed upon all the agreement, without considering how I was tricked into this. And insisted that there is nothing AT&T can do.


I sincerely believe that this is bad business practice for AT&T, and so many lies told by the rep in order to earn some business. To my perspective, this is like a crime. I was cheated into this 2 year contract of Direct TV, which according to the email, I will face bad penalty if I exit the contract earlier.


I sincerely request AT&T leadership to take a full review of this matter. First, I demand an apology from AT&T. Second, I demand AT&T to do your best to honor either a shorten the contract to 1 year, or grant me at least the promotion price for 2 years to cover my contract period. Third, the sales rep who cheated on the 3/26 call should be disciplied, it is a bad image of AT&T tolerating such a bad practice. 





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6 years ago

Greetings @wwwliu,

Welcome to the Community Forums! Thank you so much for bringing this matter to our attention. This is certainly not the kind of experience we want for our customers. I definitely understand the importance of getting this corrected.

To get started, I am going to need some account specific information. I will be sending a private message to your Forum’s Inbox here shortly, please keep an eye out for it!

Thank you again and have a great day!

Denise, AT&T Community Specialist

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