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Thursday, April 2nd, 2020 12:59 PM

Account Suspension Stopped - Charged for Service

I had to suspend my service over 6 months ago due to a house fire. 5 days after the fire I called to suspend the service. Apparently the agent told me that the suspension only lasts 6 months. So now you're charging me $230/mo. claiming that the charges are valid because the agent told me during that call it only last 6 months. This was 5 days after we lost everything and I'm supposed to remember that 6 months later. The agent I'm talking to say the cannot reverse those charges because they are valid.

This seriously the worst customer service that you would charge someone for a service we cannot even use as our house is still under construction and because I didn't recall a conversation from 6 months ago. Explain to me how you expect anyone to remember a conversation from 6 months let alone 6 days ago. I received no alert, no email, nothing to let me know this was happening. I just really do not understand this.

I truly hope someone from sees this and credits me back almost $500 worth of charges, last month and this month. I hope this is not what customers can expect when dealing with a tragedy. Hope you treat people better during this pandemic.

To top it off the agent I was speaking with put me on hold to speak to a supervisor. She came back online every few minutes and then after the last one she never came back on the line. After silence for 45 minutes I hung up. That was over a 2hr phone call with no resolution.

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4 years ago

this is a customer forum not at&t so they wont see your post your only option is to call back

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