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Fri, May 4, 2012 1:08 AM

A Streams Question

Isn't it possible to watch VOD when 4 streams are recording?  I thought this was possible.


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9 y ago

As far as I understand, that is not possible because four shows being recorded means that four streams are in use for downloading the shows to the DVR.  Video on Demand is a separate channel and, thus, separate download.  Therefore, it would require a fifth stream to be used if four others are already being used.  Considering that most U-Verse installations are limited to four streams, you are out of luck with finding a fifth stream for Video on Demand in this situation.  What you can do, if I recall correctly, is watch previously recorded shows from the DVR while four streams are in use as the DVR sends the recorded shows through the local network and does not need to utilize any of the channels from across the WAN port.  Therefore, you could be recording four shows and watching four previously recorded shows at the same time.




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9 y ago

@RCSMG wrote:

Isn't it possible to watch VOD when 4 streams are recording?  I thought this was possible.

Sorry, you must have Uverse mixed up with the Dish Hopper. Smiley Wink



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