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Sunday, August 5th, 2018 9:31 PM

$730 Equipment Charges for Sub-Par Service

I was in an AT&T store the other day to add a child to my existing service.  However, the process was stopped after seeing a $730 open balance stemming from a previous U-verse account. Now, I was aware of this debt previously, however, didn’t know this would harm by wireless service options. 


 I was one of the first U-verse customer is in my area. I was excited to switch from Comcast to AT&T and give the new service shop. I was a customer for several years until one day I got tired of the service. I have made several requests for service as the picture on my TV was very pixelated. They replace the line coming to my house several times and changed out all the equipment. I assume the problem was in the service to my neighborhood. U-verse was supposed to have great picture. 


On a sidenote, I’ve never experienced better service issue handling then with AT&T. Twice one service went out they had somebody at my house the same day. I have to give credit where it’s due as this is not repeated with Comcast.


 So I canceled service. At the time (Several years ago) I was told that a prepaid shipping box will be sent to me to return the equipment. I boxed everything up in the basement and never received the prepaid package. Honestly, I forgot about it. About a year later I received a letter from collections. I called and was told that I should return the equipment to UPS. Upon doing so, the balance would be resolved.


Well, I returned all the equipment and never received a credit on the account. I’ve spent cat office hours on the phone with AT&T and different escalation department’s. I got the same answer from everybody and that’s that they are going to keep my equipment and I still owe them $730 for it. So, basically I was lied to by the manager that told me that balance would be erased upon receiving the equipment. Several times I was told that they never received the equipment. Several times I was told that they did receive the equipment. The story changes depending on who you talk to. 


At this point my only option is arbitration or small claims court. I’m strongly considering doing this as I am not paying the $730 fee. Not for equipment that was never able to provide the intended service to my home anyway. I know U-verse has good picture as I know several people that have it. It just wasn’t good At my home. 


As of today, AT&T is also going to lose me as a lifelong customer. I’ve personally been with AT&T for 18 years on my own. My parents much longer. They are moving to Verizon as a result of the situation, and frankly, so am I. I need to get my son a line and have to do it now. The only way to do this is the switch carriers to Verizon. That’s unfortunate. Nothing against Verizon, but, I planned on being an AT&T customer for life.


I dont really have a question. Already know the answers to my questions. Im more putting this out there for somebody else to see and make a choice. If you cancel service, make sure to return within the window of time, and save your receipt. For at least a year. Do not make the same mistakes that I did.


$730 is a ridiculous amount of money to lose on equipment. Equipment that was paid for probably twice over with rental fees each month. Equipment that they have received and have in their possession and Have likely rented out to other customers. 


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6 years ago

The $730 does seem a bit high but it depends on what equipment was not returned on time.  I thought the charge was $150 for each item so if you had a modem, DVR, and 2 STBs that would be $600.  Did you have another receiver?


It is certainly your right to take it to arbitration but you should know that according to Paragraph 6 in the (legal) Terms of Service:

Return of Equipment.


Upon termination of the Services for whatever reason, you must return the Equipment, undamaged, within 21 calendar days to AT&T. If the Equipment is not returned within 21 calendar days, or is returned damaged, you will be charged for the value of the Equipment. We may retain any advance payment or deposit, or portion thereof that previously had not been refunded, if you fail to return the Equipment within this time period. If the Equipment is returned within 90 days of termination, any fees charged for the Equipment will be refunded (other than fees for damages). No refunds will be made for any Equipment returned more than 90 days after termination.




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6 years ago

Yes, your calculation is pretty accurate. One DVR and 2 set top boxes. Actually, it might have only been one additional set top box. I’m not certain it’s been so long. 


And I’m now aware of the guidelines. However, when an employee (supervisor) of a company tells you it will be credited against the debt, said company has a responsibility to honor this. 


AT&T is going to lose a lot more than $730 losing our business forever. 

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