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Mon, Jan 6, 2020 4:31 AM

Why is AT&T TV so user-UNfriendly??


We’ve had AT&T TV for about 2 months, and it’s the worst cable service we’ve ever had! I regret letting the sales rep talk us into getting rid of U-Verse. Among the problems we’ve encountered are the following:

1. No way to extend the time for recording programs other than to record the programs prior to and following the program I actually want to record. This is insane! Sometimes the first couple minutes of a program are cut off, and sometimes on sports programs, because previous games run long or there is a weather delay, we miss the end of a recorded game.

2. The red dot indicating we’ve set a program to record doesn’t show up on the guide. You have to click on the program and then look to see if it shows “cancel recording” in order to figure it out.

3. What took one or two steps to set a recording now takes multiple steps.

4. Although we got the 100 mbps internet, there are still times when the picture freezes and we get the little circle going around and around with the message “your video is still loading. Thank you for your patience.”

6. We were told all we needed to do was to download the AT&T TV app on our smart TV and didn’t need a box/receiver. However, without using a box and remote control provided bt AT&T TV (at $10 per month), we’re unable to rewind live programming and then fast foward to catch back up.

7. Recorded programs are only saved for 30 days. What?! No longer do we have the ability to keep recordings til we decide to delete them.

8. If you are watching a program and decide you want to record it, it will only record from that point forward, not the whole program. And if you tune in late to a program that you’re recording, you have to watch the actual recording, not the live TV program, if you want to see it from the beginning. That means, if you don’t want to watch the program after that, you must also have recorded that program, or you will miss whatever portion of the subsequent program you missed while watching the recorded program previous to it.

9. The program descriptions in the guide are cursory, at best, and lack the names of casts. Also, you have to cluck multiple times to finally to see the full description.

About the only thing I do like about AT&T Now’s service is the voice-controlled remote control that comes with the box/receiver, but I can get that from another provider. I’m ready to cancel my contract based on deception by AT&T. They told us AT&T Now is IS better than U-Verse. In actuality, they lied to us because they’ve removed what we consider to be crucial features.

This is ridiculous!



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a year ago

This is why you should always do the free trials no matter what service you go with. What may be important to uou may not be what another subscriber is interested in.

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a year ago

I miss UVerse also, especially being able to rewind live-tv without recording it.

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