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Fri, Aug 7, 2020 9:13 PM

why do att tech support , customer service reps, and billing support lie to subscribers

i've been given misinformation and outright lies by people doing the above named job virtually every week starting with the day i installed the service




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2 months ago

I'm a happy subscriber to AT&T TV Now Plus.  However my experience with all customer support for every streaming service to which I've ever subscribed has always been the same.  They know nothing, they lie like rugs, and their function is NOT to fix anything; their function is simply to act as a buffer, as a cushion to protect the company from real or legitimate customer complaints.  They have very little to do with customer support.  They're really about company support rather than customer support, or rather company protection, nothing else.  They're NOT hired to fix anything.  The goal, when having a streaming service, is to see to it that you deal with them as little as possible and, when in trouble, reach out to fellow subscribers.  The customer support is a last resort.


On occasion, 


VERY RARE occasions,


I've come across someone, probably a newbie, who doesn't understand that his function is to absorb and bury complaints, NOT to respond or fix them.  That is a positive experience, of course.  But it has nothing to do with standard operating practice.  It is important to realize that in order to keep one's sanity!

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