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Mon, Jul 6, 2020 5:25 AM


I went to the house button and went to discover and clicked on movies and clicked on drama, comedy etc and each grouping only has like 20 movies max I was told your ondemand package had thousands of movies



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a month ago

Firstly, be aware that this is a customer to customer forum - the people you are "talking" to here are other customers, so it isn't "our" on-demand package.


Secondly, AT&T TV doesn't really have on-demand of its own, in the way that for example Netflix does.  AT&T TV is basically fronting for the networks it carries, so the on-demand content is what those networks are offering.


I'm not sure who "told" you that there are thousands of movies - if it was a salesdroid... Well, I've learned to take whatever they say with a very large grain of salt.  I believe the statement on the website is thousands of movies and shows.  Nevertheless, I looked under Discover, then Movies, and checked under the "Action" tab at the bottom - and I counted over 770 entries.  I assume the other genre tabs are similar.  (When scrolling, each new line takes a couple of seconds to pop up, so you need to give it a bit of time.)  So there certainly could be "thousands" of movies altogether.  This was on a web browser on Windows - I haven't checked to see if the app on a streamer is different.


That said - that number is pretty misleading.  As I said, the AT&T TV on-demand library is really a "portal" to the various networks' on-demand offerings, not something that is strictly an AT&T TV offering.  And the list shows what is available from all of the networks AT&T TV offers, whether you personally subscribe to that network or not (but you need to be subscribed to actually stream the item).  So for example, it will show all the movies available from HBO, whether you have the HBO add-on or not, but you need to have it to watch the movie.  Same for the other networks - if it is included in your subscription, you'll be able to play a movie from that network, otherwise not.  Also, not everything in the list is actually available on demand - some of the entries are notices of upcoming showings (generally with an offer to record the movie in the DVR if desired.  I didn't try to check to see what percentage were like that.


So, the bottom line is that there are a lot of movies available through on demand - potentially thousands, I guess, though that likely is slight hyperbole - how many depending on what networks are included in your subscription.  If on-demand movies are your main interest, you'd almost certainly be better off subscribing to a service specializing in that (like Netflix) - the main point of services like AT&T TV are the live streams.  But as an additional benefit, the on-demand library is nice.

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a month ago

Good evening @FlyMeAway67,


Thanks for reaching out! With the AT&T TV service, you can more On Demand content by scrolling to the bottom and selecting the Genres rather than going through the display list.


Please reach back out if you need further assistance!




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