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Mon, Dec 5, 2016 3:19 PM

Uverse Internet Data Cap

Does the data used by Directv Now count against the 1 TByte data cap on Uverse internet?


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4 years ago

Hi @leebob43,


Data free streaming is only available to AT&T Wireless customer's at this time. Go here for additional details on this topic.


Stay tuned for updates as we get information on sponsored data usage.



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4 years ago

An AT&T reprentative told me that AT&T is moving away from U-Verse TV and I should switch to DirecTVNow.  I decided to switch.  I was told I had to signup for DirecTVNow first and then call to cancel my U-Verse TV.


My problems started when I called to cancel my TV service.  The technician told me that since I was cancelling my AT&T TV, I was now limited to 1TB a month for internet data (I have the Gigapower 100 plan).  I told him I wasn't cancelling my TV service but just switching to AT&T's new (better?) TV Service.  He told me that AT&T does not consider DirecTVNow a real TV service.  I asked if my 1TB data limit would include all the DirecTVNow streaming and he said "Yes".


I am really disappointed AT&T would recommend U-Verse customers switch to a streaming TV service and then put a limit on the data streamed over the AT&T Internet.  

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