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Mon, Sep 21, 2020 3:02 PM

TV Now - Content downloading

A proposed AT&T TV Now feature that seems likely to increase the attractiveness of AT&T TV Now is download of "My Library" content to eliminate the buffering issues apparently associated with streaming directly on the Internet. Content copyright issues might be an issue, however, HBO Max seems to have developed an effective approach. At last review, HBO Max seems to facilitate selection for download of multiple (perhaps unlimited) content titles, simultaneous download of up to three titles, and local device storage of multiple titles (perhaps limited only by local device storage capacity). I sought to locate the download content files for playback in an external app, but seemed unable to locate them. Perhaps difficulty accessing content files is part of HBO's current content protection strategy. In either case, HBO Max's apparent lack of buffering issues seems a plus in HBO Max's column. Perhaps AT&T might consider similar enhanced functionality.


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