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Sat, Oct 24, 2020 4:08 AM

TV Now Auto-Resume

On phones, if (a) playback on the TV Now app is paused, (a) a different app is brought to the forefront, and (c) TV Now is returned to the forefront, TV Now playback seems to automatically resume.

To me, this apparent, TV Now playback auto-resume behavior might seem desirable if TV Now is returned to the forefront with the intent of resuming TV Now playback. However, a reasonable, potential, alternate goal seems to be to (a) pause TV Now playback in order to invoke A/V content using another app, then (b) return TV Now to the forefront in order to use TV Now's non-playback functions while the other app continues playback, although not in the forefront.

Apparently, in this case, TV Now's current, auto-resume behavior seems to interrupt such non-forefront app A/V playback in progress. Currently, the only way that I have found to stop such TV Now auto-resume behavior seems to be to (a) close the TV Now app, (b) launch the other app's A/V playback, then (c) relaunch the TV Now app. However, currently, subsequent to close and relaunch of the TV Now app, manual resumption of TV Now paused playback seems to potentially (a) require navigation through multiple layers of lengthy lists of content icons back to the paused TV Now content, and (b) lose the benefit of the playback pause position since, currently, TV Now playback pause position seems somewhat less than consistently preserved.

Perhaps a helpful issue solution establishes a TV Now Settings option that prevents TV Now playback auto-resume when the TV Now playback paused button is invoked.


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