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Sun, Mar 10, 2019 4:35 PM

NFL Sunday Ticket

I'm inquiring to find out why the NFL Sunday Ticket option is not available to anyone who is sign up with or looking to sign up with Directv Now? Why is it limited to seltect regions that don't qualify for "traditional satellite service"? If someone signs up with Directv Now it likely means they don't want to deal with pricey cable/satellite packages and/or contracts. Directv Now is quickly becoming a go to choice for many of us who are looking to cut the cable cord, even though it only offers limited DVR cloud storage and limited simultaneous streaming compared to other streaming companies. These a flaws many customers are willing to over look, however, but there should be other options for channels or add-on packages. I feel Directv Now should at least offer the NFL Sunday Ticket as an add-on package for all Directv Now customers that way customers who don't want it aren't paying for it and those of us who would want it, can access it without limitations. 


Thank you in advance for your time. 





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2 years ago

DirecTV paid a premium price for Sunday Ticket, more than could be justified by existing subscribers. They use it as a tool to drive people to DirecTV subscriptions.

So it really wouldn't make sense for them to give it to people who could but don't subscribe to satellite service.

The idea was, if it's not possible to get an individual to subscribe to DirecTV, due to location, obstructions or whatever else, they might as well get something from them.

The rules are complicated, see them here:,review-3811.html


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2 years ago

I believe the OP’s question is why only some DirecTV Now customers (those in certain markets) can get Sunday Ticket even though they don’t qualify under the “can’t get satellite” rules, but others can’t (as discussed here) - that is, the OP is asking why this isn’t available to all DirecTV Now customers.  I think a better question is why they allowed any DirecTV Now customers to get it, since it circumvents the purpose as @beww357 outlined. (Yes, this isn’t “friendly” to customers who want Sunday Ticket but don’t want to pay for DirecTV, but ATT’s goal - like all corporations - is profit, not friendliness. If they can manage both, that’s even better, but profit is the point.  And using Sunday Ticket to drive subscribers to the more profitable DirecTV was stated as a goal of paying the NFL an enormous amount of money for the rights.)

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