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Tue, May 15, 2018 6:20 PM

Loss of local channels

I talked to a supervisor who said he was going to escalate my inquiry to see why i lost my local channels, but shortly after he said that, the line was disconnected. As part of the new update to AT&T TV NOW I have lost the ability to watch my local channels on my work computer. My work computer is located in a 48197 zip code and tied to a work ethernet connection. My home location is a 48186 zip code, which is 30 minutes down the road. Before this major AT&T TV NOW update, I was able to watch my local channels from my work computer. Effective today, with this update, FOX and CBS are not even listed on the channel guide, and ABC and NBC say the following when I click on " Program Not Available on this channel in your current location." So, initially AT&T staff was trying to tell me the zip code of my IP address didn't match where I currently was, and that is why. However that is crap because EVERY DAY for the 2 months I have been  subscriber, I have  been able to access my local channels on this same exact work computer. I have also been able to access from other independent locations, such as the gym. Now, magically today, in correlation with this update I can not. Further proof the theory they are giving me is garbage: I HAVE NOT yet updated the AT&T TV NOW IPHONE app in dear of losing my local channels. So, i open the OLD app on my iPhone, which is on the SAME INTERNET CONNECTION as my work computer, and I CANNNNN watch all my local channels. Oh, need more proof this is a glitch as part of their new service? If I go to the OLD AT&T TV NOW website, which has the OLD GUIDE and OLD SERVICE, I can watch my local channels from my work computer. So basically, I just want someone from ATT to actually acknowledge this is a screw up and fix this immediately. Unfortunately, it just seems they are in their own world of crappy service right now and have no desire to help. 





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2 years ago

I use ATVs but I wouldn't notice this change, because I get no locals, never have and probably never will. 🙂

Is it possible that Apple charges somehow to use their location data? That is the only thing I can think of that would explain this change.





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2 years ago

@tonezone: Are you using a Mac, or PC? You mention an iPhone, and since AppleTV users are now having problems with locals, I'm wondering if Mac computers are also affected. Since your guide doesn't list all your locals, it does appear that something is wrong. Whatever your billing address is via your CC info, that's the location your computer should follow (at least that's what my PC does).


I'm using a PC, windows 7 and the chrome browser, and also got an error message for a local after just signing in a few minutes ago (which only happened once or twice before over several months). To get rid of the message and start the local stream, I just cleared my site cookies and I was back in business. With chrome, I just clicked the lock icon within the chrome address window (far left), then from the drop-down menu I clicked Site Settings, then from the next page I clicked within the Clear Data box (at top, to the right of Usage).


Since you don't have the correct locals showing on your Guide (I doubt that a cookie clearing will help you, but try anyway), try logging out of your DTVNOW account after the cookie clearing, and then when you log back in, perhaps your guide will be corrected and show the locals you expect ... although I doubt it. Still, once you do the cookie clearing, those locals that do show on your Guide, should now stream without any error message.

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