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Fri, Dec 2, 2016 3:51 AM

Direct TV Now Access for Direct TV customers, and Unlimited Data access for all Direct TV Now

Could it be possible to package Direct TV Now with normal Direct TV plans, to make the streaming service available for Direct TV customers?

This would give Direct TV users the option of using the Direct TV Now service as well, and still be eligible for unlimited data.

Direct TV Now could also be offered at a discounted rate or somehow be bundled with normal Direct TV plans.
How do Direct TV customers gain access to Direct TV now without having to pay full price for a service they already have?


I think one option to encourage customers to join At&t wireless and Direct TV Now is to offer the option of unlimited data as long as you are still a customer of Direct TV now.  


I know that no rules is the motto, but this would be more on the wireless end and it would be more of an offer than a rule.


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4 years ago



We currently do not have any bundle offers and are not sure if/when we will.  However,   You can order DIRECTV NOW whether or not you're an AT&T or DIRECTV customer. DIRECTV NOW is a separate service that is billed separately from any other account.

For pricing options, plan comparisons and to sign up, please visit DIRECTV NOW. Once your account is created, you can begin streaming right away.

Note:  Existing DIRECTV satellite customers that are under contract term agreement must fulfill that agreement to avoid penalty or early termination fees.



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4 years ago

if you have DirecTV then use the DirecTV app to stream and NOT waste time on the abortion that is DirecTV Now.



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2 years ago

If i don't hace residential internet services, and i want to have DirecTV now, how do i hey it? I know that if i have a wireless plan with at&t i would be able yo watch it, but, if want to put it on my laptop, or smart TV, how do i do that?




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2 years ago

Your smart TV may or may not be directly supported (few are):

If not supported you would have to use a supported streaming device.


You could use your phone as a wifi hotspot and connect a streaming device or laptop to it that way.




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2 years ago

My recommendation if you want DirecTV Now (or any live streaming service) would be to get residential internet service.  Smiley Happy


If you cannot get residential (ISP) internet services and you want to watch on a device besides a mobile device, DirecTV Now may not be a good choice for you.  Depending on the mobile unlimited plan you have, you may be able to use a mobile device running on mobile data as a hot spot for other devices (computer, smart TV, TV streamer) running DirecTV Now (not all plans allow hotspot) - but the data used will not be sponsored (unmetered).  And even the unlimited plans that allow tethering and hotspot don't allow those to be unlimited - I think the current plans allow a maximum of 15GB of hotspot per month before the speed is throttled to an unusable level.  15GB would be on the order of 5 hours of video streaming (and this is per month), so for most people not adequate for their prime video service. 


Casting from the app to a TV or streaming device isn't unmetered either, though that doesn't use up the limited hotspot data.  So if you are rarely if ever impacted by the throttling that they can impose due to congestion (depending on your plan), that might be a viable approach for you. 


Using a cable from a phone to the TV, or mirroring the display might work - those have at times in the past, but may not now.  Even if they work, I can't definitively say that they would be unmetered, but I believe picture quality suffers with either. 


A possible alternative would be to get a dedicated hotspot device (like the AT&T Wireless Internet device) - but apparently AT&T has changed the plans so that you cannot use an unlimited plan with such a device, and the plans that are currently available for it are relatively expensive and top out at I believe 100GB/month.  That would allow roughly 30 hours of TV (maybe more if you are able to cut the bandwidth, perhaps at the expense of picture quality) - that might or might not work for you.


Is the problem that you cannot get (non-mobile) internet service at your location, or just that you don't have it currently?  If the latter and you have no other need for home internet, adding it just for DirecTV Now would likely eat much of the cost difference between it and satellite video service (though it still would have the benefit of no installation and no contract).

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