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Thu, Nov 7, 2019 9:50 PM

Choppy video since last night on Apple TV 4k... what to do?

Since last night, I'm having horrendous quality from ATTNow (directvnow) on my apple tv.  The video is horrible!! choppy, and laggy!

I've tried rebooting the apple TV, rebooted the router (att), and nothing works.  Other apps on apple tv work perfectly fine (netflix, prime, hulu etc).


here are the symptoms:

  • When i change channels, the feed is fine for 10-15 secs and then starts to chop.   When I pause it for 2 secs, and play, it repeats.... fine for 10-15sec, then it goes choppy and laggy.
  • This behavior is the same on live or recorded content.
  • Watching the feed on my laptop, works fine.

I've had this service, with same router and same apple tv, for almost 18 months without issues, and since last night I cannot get anything to work to fix it.  I called ATT service and they couldn't help.


anyone has any ideas? if this keeps up, I will be forced to cancel service and go with youtubeTV or an alternative.


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2 months ago

This has been happening for quite a while with me. Just wanted to see if there's any resolution or other providers people recommend switching to ?

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a month ago

I got these issues to stop on my Apple TV by changing my default video mode on my Apple TV from 4K SDR to 4K HDR (requires a TV that supports HDR). Now my ATT video is no longer choppy and I can still watch other content in 4K (changing the default video to 1080 also worked, but then I couldn’t use other apps in 4K without going into settings and changing it back, which is not a practical solution for me).