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Fri, Mar 13, 2020 11:40 PM

ATT TV Now audio sync issues

Att TV Now has a significant problem with Audio lag/sync when viewing recorded or series content. This is a big issue, if you as ATT Employees are not using your service as customers do then how do you know how to help?


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7 months ago

Good evening @timHill1,


Thank you for reaching out, we'd be happy to look further into this. What streaming devices is the audio out of sync on?


Also, have you noticed it occurring on specific networks?




KristinA, AT&T Community Specialist

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a month ago

HI Kristina,

No insult, but for ATT to produce a product like this and selling it to consumers is shameless. Lets face it, They pay you to scroll through the complaints and humor the writer with a few physical exercises go through to give the appearance of help. The product will fail because of cost or functionality or lack there of, either way, spending my time helping you solve ATT issues is not on my schedule. ATT needs outside help to redesign their headend/networking. As I said, no insult to you, this is entirely ATT's fault. I trusted Direct TV for over 20 years to deliver my programming and I truthfully never had a issue( well, rain). ATT is trying to phase out DTV and move customers to their current product "ATT TV" which is severely lacking. My issue is I paid 120 dollars for a seconds Android box for the 2nd living room. The old saying " there's one born every minute" certainly applies here..

No need to replay back, it will just be "sorry you feel that way " or equalivant!


All I expect is for ATT to fix this Cra* they call ATT TV.

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